How to set up the perfect date?


The first date is the best time to improve the relationship, can give a girl a perfect dating experience is the key to impress her, want a girl to have a perfect dating experience, then the arrangement of the dating process is very important. So what should you do on a first date? Here are some dating tips

1. The location of the first date

The best place to pick a date is somewhere you are familiar with to avoid the trouble of changing dates later. On a first date, 80 percent of men choose to eat, watch a movie or drink coffee.

Dating in a familiar area is like dating in your own area. Definitely not shy about dating in your own area. Why do so many men have nothing to talk about? Because of the lack of this core confidence, when you’re confident, there’s a lot to talk about.

Here are some suitable places for dating: live CS, secret room, amusement park, haunted house, aquarium, DIY craft shop, private cinema, bar, bar, KTV, spa, swimming pool, ski resort

The above dating places can promote interaction with girls. The girl’s mood can be naturally aroused through interaction, and when the girl’s mood is high, it is also convenient for physical contact.

2. Dress for a first date

First impressions are very important on a first date. Dressing up can reflect a person’s taste in life. Besides, clean appearance and decent clothes are also a sign of respect for girls.

For example, when you meet a girl on a playground for the first time, it’s obvious that formal dress is not appropriate for you to go on a date. If your first date with a girl is at a western restaurant, it’s not a good idea to dress down for the date

In addition, it is best to remind the girl after the date place is set. For example, it is suggested that girls should not wear high heels on playground dates. If you’re going to play CS, you better not wear a dress.

3. Choose topics for the first date

No matter how well you and a girl have talked on wechat before, a first date is still a new starting point, and if you chat beyond your current relationship level, then your date will definitely end in failure. So when you start a conversation with a girl on the first date, the topic should be something that she can fully interact with.

For example, on a first date, it is taboo to talk about personal matters such as salary and family.

The best way to chat is to share yourself first, and then gradually lead the girl to reveal herself. When asking the girl, it’s best to ask her open questions.

When the girl shares herself, listen carefully, focus on interacting with the girl, and maintain eye contact.

Some of the topics you can talk to girls about are: weather, food, friends, childhood, future, dreams, TV movies, gossip entertainment, dress sense, current environment, things around you, opinions on things, etc.

4. The location of the first date

You should know that people’s freshness is time-sensitive.

If you spend too much time in the place of your date, the girls’ enthusiasm for dating will gradually decline.

So in order to create the perfect date, you have to try to change the venue several times during the date.

Transitions are designed to increase the emotional experience of the girl you’re dating, to increase the emotional investment of the girl you’re dating, and to increase the novelty of the girl you’re dating.

Here’s a recommended dating process:

First, meet a girl at a coffee shop in the afternoon, then order two cups of coffee and talk for an hour or so.

Second, after the coffee, take the girls to Ikea, which is good for photo shoots and snacks.

Third, when visiting IKEA, book tickets in advance and go to the movies with the girls.

Fourth, take the kids to dinner after the movie.

Fifth, you can take the girls home after dinner.

This will definitely impress the girl, but after all, it’s only the first date and this will only take your relationship to the next level, not particularly deep, so don’t forget to create an opening for the next date with the girl.

When you have dinner with a girl, you can say, “Know a restaurant that does really good food. I’ll take you next time.”

Or when shopping, you can say, “My friend said that so-and-so was interesting and we can experience it together next time.”

When you leave to go home after a date, you can say to the girl, “Looking forward to the next date.”

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