How can couples live a sweet life every day?


Being in a long-term relationship is the hardest part of being in a relationship. After the initial novelty of love, many couples’ communication mode has become petty and trivial.

  • Have you eaten?
  • well
  • What did you eat?
  • It’s time to go to work. Let’s not talk.
  • well
  • It will be cool tomorrow. Remember to wear thick clothes.
  • You are also

How can you keep your relationship from becoming as tasteless as plain water and make your relationship as sweet as it was at the beginning? Here are some ways to maintain a long term relationship.


  1. Needs in a long-term relationship

he needs of a long-term relationship are divided into three levels,

1. Survival needs

2. Spiritual needs

3. Physiological needs


Necessity of survival

If your partner’s family is not wealthy, then your partner will be more concerned about financial conditions in your relationship, because this will determine whether a relationship with you can provide her with a long-term stable and secure living environment and whether you can provide her with a certain future.

The truth is the same, if the other side lives in a relatively rich family since childhood, so because fall in love with you and pull down her level of life, is also a girl can not accept.

So you need to learn more about your partner’s needs for survival. If she has a higher level of life than you, then you need to show her that you are motivated and have fun in your life.

If she has a lower level of life than you, then you need to show her that you are responsible and secure.

In fact, in a long-term relationship, the worst fear is not seeing the future and hope.


Spiritual needs

Spiritual appeal is about whether you can give your partner a sense of security and belonging in the relationship and make her feel that you are the right person.

For example, did you think of her existence on your anniversary? Did you prepare gifts carefully? It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be thoughtful.

In fact, there is a psychological comparison between girls, if she sees her friend’s boyfriend, whenever the holiday is a variety of gifts in every way, but you are indifferent. Then her spiritual needs are not met, she will feel that you don’t care about her, in the long run, the girl will feel that maybe you don’t love her that much either.

In order to meet a girl’s spiritual needs, you should pay attention to the details and special places between you, such as various anniversaries.

There is more to plan your future, such as two people sit on the sofa to watch TV at night, you can tell the girl: after the baby, I hold you two snuggle on the sofa, you will not rob the station…… It’s gonna be so sweet.

Such a graphic description can have a big impact on a girl who is an emotional animal, and it will make her feel that she is always in your future plans, which will bring her enough security.


Physiological needs

In this increasingly open society, people’s demands for physical needs are becoming more direct.

There is a truth to the saying that love is not what is said but what is done.

Thirty-six plans before bed, not as real as 36 minutes after bed. Sex is inseparable, sex and love reinforce each other, and good sex can bring you closer together.

Physical needs are not just about sex, but also about your body and appearance, and if you stop focusing on these once you’re together, it can make you less attractive to your partner in the long run. So now hurry to adjust yourself, as soon as possible with a new look in front of each other.


  • So what can couples do to keep their relationship sweet?

distract attention

Many single people enjoy a rich life when they are single, such as hanging out with friends, going to concerts, going to the gym, and playing video games. But since I’ve had a partner, the focus of my life has shifted and I’ve spent my days between the sheets and with girls, forgetting about the rest of my life and constantly improving myself.

You have to understand, love is just a part of life, in addition to love, we also have friends, there are relatives, there are hobbies, and career. Turn your attention to the parts outside of love and show that you are a four-good young man with aspirations. Then you will find that women will be more attracted to you, more inseparable from you, but in order to get your attention, will come to you. For it is true of all men that they show little interest in the things that are readily available; What you don’t want, you hold on to.

Respect each other’s differences

In fact, two people together, is because of differences, mutual attraction, and then the heart of love.

  • Once I liked it when you woke up unwashed, but now I hate it when you are unkempt and unkempt.
  • Once I liked you simple and straightforward, what to say what to look like, but now I hate you childish and immature, speak without thinking.
There are no two leaves with the same vein in the forest, and there are no two identical people in the world. Each person is unique, and if we don’t respect differences, then we will not be able to build deep intimate relationships with others.

Respect is what makes us unique and shows that we understand differences.

But respect doesn’t mean we have to tolerate and backslide on each other’s bad habits.

Respect is about letting the differences between two people work together.

For example, I like to listen to opera, while you like to watch errenzhuan. I will not think you have low taste just because you watch errenzhuan. I think my taste is more refined. I will make a cup of tea for you when you watch Duerrenzhuan, and then I will do what I like. This process is respect and recognition of our differences.

  • Increase the deep spiritual level of communication.

Get along for a long time, a lot of people chat way into the life of firewood, rice, oil salt.

How can we avoid getting along with each other to be as tasteless as plain water? This requires us to communicate at a higher level, such as a book, a movie, a trip, a delicious food cooked by two people, and a discussion on current hot topics.

Incorporating these things into our conversations and our lives will make relationships look back and not seem so pale. Plain water is good, but occasionally a cocktail to adjust, life will be more interesting.


  • Pay together and make progress together

In the relationship only one party blindly pay, a long time to pay the party will not feel return and unhappy, and accept the party will feel granted.

This will easily lead to the balance of the relationship tilt, over time will lead to the outbreak of conflict, mutual blame. The one who gives feels that I give my heart and soul to you, but you do this to me; And accept the person will feel that you are more and more bad to me, do not love me. In the quarrel will also become do not listen to the mode of not listening to the king, feelings estrangement.

If you set some rules for your relationship from the beginning, then there will be boundaries between you, and the occasional foul is to teach you tolerance.

If you can do the above in your daily relationship, you will find that your relationship will become stronger and stronger. In the process, you will learn how to be a better yourself, how to give each other a better lover, and how to love someone better.

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