What’s the most important thing about a long-distance relationship?


How to maintain a long-distance relationship is indeed a big problem, countless true love lost to the distance, but seriously maintain, long-distance relationship is also a chance to be successful, the following to teach you some long-distance relationship maintenance skills.

1. Communicate on a daily basis and set some terms for your relationship.

Nowadays, the way of chatting has become more convenient and low-cost. In order to keep in daily contact with your lover, you can talk about some daily life and interesting things in your own life. This is to imitate the pattern of city love, so that there is no strong sense of distance between you.

Talking too much can lead to arguments, so set some rules for your relationship

  • For example, you don’t quarrel overnight, you have to solve the problem the same day.

  • For example, keep the mobile phone on 24 hours, any problem can be contacted at any time.
  • Such as not being alone with the opposite sex causing misunderstanding and so on.

Long distance relationships are all about trust, and avoiding these minefields will help your partner feel secure.

2. Refuse to take things for granted and express your feelings.

In order to maintain trust, be sure to communicate and don’t assume that your partner will understand you if you do so. Be sure to communicate in a timely manner, good or bad, and let the other person know what you are doing so that the distance relationship will not grow apart.

What a long-distance relationship lacks is caring, so show your love in words and actions.

For example, send each other small gifts once in a while. Don’t be expensive, but be careful.

When chatting, it is a good way to express your thoughts by saying some special little love words between you.

3. Set up a time to meet.

Seeing each other is the best ingredient in a long distance relationship. You can set up a meeting time in conversation with your partner. Make sure there are no distractions on the day of the meeting, just to show how important you are to her relationship. If there are really very special circumstances can not keep the appointment, be sure to explain to the other party in time.

You can also do the same thing in different places. For example, you can make an appointment to watch the same movie in different places at a certain time on a certain day. Both parties can communicate and share the same time while watching.

4. Surprise.

Surprise is the killer of a long distance relationship. Pick a special day between you, like 100 days of knowing each other. How would she act if she thought you didn’t remember, or if you were busy that day, and then showed up in a sudden way?

Distance isn’t the reason why long distance relationships are hard to maintain. It’s because of trust and security. But long distance relationships can be successful if you put in the time and effort to maintain them.

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