How to talk to attract girls?


After meeting a girl, most people can only rely on wechat chat to attract her and make the next date. However, many boys talk to their favorite girls in the wrong way, which not only fails to attract girls, but also makes girls just want to stay away as time goes by.

such as

  • “I’ll meet you tonight. I’ll meet you tonight.”

  • “Why, I don’t want to see you yet.”

  • “To find you”

  • “Where are you now?”

  • “on the way home”
  • “Where have you been?”

  • “Just got off work.”

  • “Just off work at this hour? “

  • Yeah.”
  • “Do you often work overtime?”

  • “What are you doing in the office this late?”

This paragraph is a classic example of a bad chat. There are a few chat minefields in there.

1. Strong purpose

This is a big no-no for most guys. They ask questions all the time or just say what they think and jump the gun.

Don’t say “where are you? I want to see you” with a strong purpose. If a girl doesn’t want to meet you, she will definitely be rejected.

2. Talk too much

Don’t pester too much on the same topic, the girl off work this topic is not can not chat, but chat so awkward, also too much pester is wrong. You think you’re being funny, but in fact you’re killing it.

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3. Pay too much attention to how you feel

Only pay attention to their own needs, want to find the girl to say, but did not ask the girl if she needs.

When a girl gets off work late, she thinks she’s out fooling around. Imposing her own wishful thinking on her will make her feel like you don’t understand her.

What’s the right way to talk to a girl?

It is recommended that everyone switch to the following chat mode. It is only through such conversations that attraction can be built. As time goes on, you will find that girls’ attitude towards you will change a lot.

  1. Push and pull emotion method

The worst thing about talking to a girl is that you’re constantly talking. This reveals a need that she doesn’t feel.

In a good chat, not only one party is interested.

It is very important to arouse a girl’s emotion. You need to use the “push and pull method”.

What is push and pull?

Push: Push a girl out, tease her with relatively negative words, make her feel distant and nervous.

Pull the girl “back”, with relatively positive words to affirm and praise each other, let her feel close and happy.

Push and pull: The combination of the two is “push and pull”. This skill can be a great way to get a girl’s emotions up and your relationship up.

This method does not need to be too deliberate, let me give you a simple example.

  • Man: Why are you so stupid? (push)

  • Woman: I don’t want to be so stupid. Maybe it’s innate, haha.

  • Man: I’m just kidding. In fact, I’d say when you’re stupid, sometimes you look really cute. (pull)

Of course, in the process of pushing, should be clear about the bottom line, should not hurt each other’s self-esteem.

If you want to push and pull, the trick is to make her a little unhappy first and then offer comfort or encouragement. Only when the mood swings, she will feel that talking to you is not boring.


When chatting with girls, the most afraid of the air suddenly quiet, into embarrassment.

This is because the topic of your conversation does not arouse emotions on either side. The only thing left is awkwardness. So the conversation began unconsciously.

In fact, it’s easy to solve this problem. You can deliberately twist what the girl says and turn the conversation in the direction of “ambiguous.”

  • “Where are you from?”

  • “Just met you care where I live?”

  • “Don’t be narcissistic, can’t I just ask?”

  • “Ha, ha, ha, that’s a relief. I thought you were coming for me!”

The dialogue above uses a twist. In short, it distorts what the girl says as “she’s interested in you.”

Misinterpretation is a form of humor, which is effective in dispelling misunderstandings and is very effective in bringing you closer to a strange relationship.

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