7 Sex Hacks That Women Can’t Get Enough Of


For a woman, an effective way to pinpoint her sexual sensitivities can lead her to shed shyness and desire. Her ear. It’s the impulse of desire. Professors at the University of Manchester have found that certain parts of the ear, when stimulated, make people want sex. That’s why people get high when they hear some musical harmonies. All he has to do is lean close to her ear and whisper lovingly, then lick, blow, slowly add kissing, sucking, and even sticking his tongue through the ear hole, which will definitely cause a shiver from the bottom of his heart.

Sneaking up on her cleavage. It’s a bonus.

Many women like to wear necklines and V-necks because neck and cleavage are where they want to be noticed. Studies have shown that the area from the sides of the collarbone to the cleavage is very sensitive, as is the inverted triangle of the nape. Men can extend the kiss down from neck to collarbone to cleavage when she doesn’t notice, but don’t rush to touch her. In this paper,

Pat her ass. That’s erotic intimacy.

When THE MAN’S TWO HANDS HOLD THE WOMAN’S WAIST, she will unconsciously close to the man, at the same time produce HYPERactive feeling. At the same time, the man needs to put his hand down on the woman’s buttocks. A full butt is seen as a sign of female fecundity, which he can stimulate by tapping, nibbling, stroking, and so on, which are somewhat erotic but turn her on.

To invade her. It’s the tipping point of lust.

Many women say that when a lover touches their breasts, they feel a very, very pleasant experience. Women’s breasts are not all that sensitive. The focus is on the breasts. In passionate moments, men can lift their breasts up and down with their hands, which is also a powerful way to trigger.

It irritates her. It’s the most sensitive zone.

The clitoris is the most sensitive female sex organ. In appearance, it is a small nodular tissue, very similar, located at the apex between the two sides of the pudendum, about the size of a soybean. Men can massage gently with their hands, preferably with a rotating motion, from light to heavy, which will allow women to achieve clitoral orgasm.

Into her body. It’s the prelude to orgasm.

Experts point out that the longer the arousal, the more violent the orgasm. Men in her body, slowly let themselves close to sex, and then change to a small fire to slow down the rhythm, repeated several times, will be more carefree dripping.

Share your feelings. That’s the basis for next time.

It’s important to share your sexual feelings and talk about your sexual behavior. Through communication, you can gain confidence and give a woman something to look forward to next time.

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