How should couples communicate in their sex life


The longer couples are together, the less communication they have and the less sex they have to cope. Will this marriage last? The communication of husband and wife’s sex life is very important, from now on we should pay more attention to the communication of husband and wife’s sex life!

Communication between couples about sex is very important, but it’s not easy, and sometimes it can be difficult. Maybe some couples sleep together all their lives without really achieving sexual understanding and communication.

Perfect sex is more than a few simple movements: insert, twitch, ejaculate, exit, and so on. For example the most routine vaginal intercourse, also HAVE a lot OF details to involve both sides, want to understand each other, such as what kind of body position, how to transform and so on, also not be husband and wife to discuss get up, mutual insight, cooperate very well.

Men are less likely to speak up about their hidden desires for fear of rejection, for fear of being seen as weird, or simply because they are shy. But there are signs that you can tell if your husband is not sexually satisfied and wants something else. For example, there was a bit of hesitancy when asked about their level of satisfaction, or a significant decrease in the frequency of active sex. It has become a social stereotype that husbands often take the lead in sex. But many men have an inherent desire that sometimes their wives take the initiative and lead the life, and that they can relax and enjoy sex.

If your husband suggests the two of you try something new, try not to be embarrassed or appear horrified. This kind of reaction closes the door completely to sexual communication between the couple and makes a man think there is no reason to show his inner desires anymore.

Even if you don’t really like what your husband is proposing, try it with him whenever possible. This will foster an atmosphere in which both parties respect each other’s wishes and are willing to carry them out together. This atmosphere is great for the sex life itself and the whole relationship outside of it.

But experts also agree that anything too unpleasant to be painful or harmful to one party is unacceptable. On a scale of one to ten, Dr. Wolf says, anything at five or below is worth a try. Compromise is good when it is possible. There is no compromise, and it won’t hurt your marriage, as long as you have the kind of sincerity to listen to him and actually try something new with him that you can accept.

Communication is the key to a good sexual relationship. The pursuit of the renewal of husband and wife’s sexual life, the pursuit of the husband and wife to improve the degree of sexual activity, is not an occasional task, but a need for lifelong unremitting husband and wife, hand in hand with the sweet happiness of the sexual way.

8 Tips for Couples to communicate sex before sex

1. Don’t bring it up in bed.

Before and after sex is not a good time to examine mistakes and analyze behavior; The bedroom or bed is not for complaining. Choose a pleasant, natural place to discuss with your husband, such as a romantic restaurant with privacy.

2. Make a plan for the conversation.

Saying husband is not good, easy to cause resistance, should calm down after the way to communicate.


3. Remember the good old days.

When reminiscing about the past, sex is a natural segue: “Remember when we kissed all the time? I miss it.”

4, Blame less, don’t disparage.

Start the conversation in a “psychologically acceptable” way. Say, “We need to talk about our not-so-positive sex life, and I know you want me to feel happier, too. So let’s talk about what’s better, shall we?”

5. Say “I” more.

Make the conversation about yourself. For example, instead of saying “you never gave me enough foreplay,” say “I wish you’d touched and hugged me more before that moment.”

6. Use body language.

There may not be a whinge in your words, but do your actions match your words? Don’t cross your hands in front of your chest, and sit relaxed next to him.

7. Plan a solution and be open with him.

You need to talk to him about your needs and wants, but also get to know him. Alternatively, you can go to therapy together or improve your sex life by reading books.

8. You can’t have this conversation once and for all.

Talking about sex is not a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It has to be a regular thing. Some couples set a day for declutter, a day for regular financial planning, so why not set a day to discuss how to improve sex?

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