What do you do with foreplay? How to build sexual life atmosphere


Let a woman in sex can orgasm is a man proud of things, generally, men’s orgasm is faster and direct, but there are a lot of women in sex orgasm to slow or no orgasm pleasure, which skills can make a woman orgasm, the following article Xiaobian to introduce.

Foreplay is important

Kissing during foreplay is very important, first kiss her lips, and then gradually moved to her ear, kiss love to whisper, licked, blow again, slowly add kissing, sucking, can even tongue into the hole, it will cause women from the bottom of a trembling, women love beloved man touch his breast, the passion, Men can hold their breasts up and down with their hands, which is also a powerful way to trigger a woman’s orgasm. In addition, many women’s clitoris are sensitive, and only stimulating the clitoris can feel the orgasm.

The clitoris is like a rolling pearl, delicate, elegant, in the fingers. Start gently, slowly rotating, gradually increasing the pace and pressure. Explore gentle pinching and pulling to see how you respond to these sexual perceptions. In addition, use the flat surface of your hands and fingers to completely cover the female’s entire clitoris and labia minora, and then massage and knead. Press and pinch the type you like best.


Sex positions that stimulate the G-spot

1, male on female on the position: angel style.

Men take the supine position, hands on both sides, feet straight. The woman faces the man and straddles him with her knees bent. When the man is fully in, the woman tries to lean back and balance her hands on the ground. This SEXUAL INTERCOURSE POSTURE CAN LET THE WOMAN REVERSE CONTROL THE MAN’S INSERTION speed AND Angle, stimulate their own sensitive CLitoris, vagina and sensitive points, in order to master, control the coming of orgasm, let the woman from the greatest satisfaction.


2, men on women on the position: back.

The man lies with his feet straight out and the woman straddles him with her back to his face and palms on the ground for support. Let the man grip your thigh or buttocks while the woman wiggles freely. This position gives a woman complete control over everything, including speed and Angle, and is particularly prone to stimulating the G-spot and triggering orgasmic ejaculation. And the third kind of water that shot strikes the male pubic mound has a kind of indescribable feeling.

3, male and female on the position: push table.


The man is leaning back in a chair with his feet comfortably spread and his feet on the floor. The woman straddles the middle of the man, with her back to him and her hands stretched out to touch the table, her feet suspended in the air. Men hold women’s hips for a slight circular swing, women cling to their legs. This POSTURE will not make the knee feel LABORIOUSLY, CAN LET THE MAN COMFORTABLY LEAD YOU INTO THE CLIMAX, AND THROUGH THE CIRCLE CAN TOUCH almost EVERY inch OF THE vagina, up AND down and GYRATE movement is very ENJOYABLE A kind OF position.

Ambience is also important when it comes to sex

In general, foreplay is an important time to set the mood. So, what do you do with foreplay? How do you set the mood?

1. Flirting via text. Men love excitement and fantasy expectation. If a woman occasionally sends a little erotic text message to a man, full of flirty meaning, for them, they like it very much. The naughty behavior of a woman will definitely make him look forward to the whole day, and then he can immediately enter a long-awaited battle when he gets home.


2. Women’s initiative. The man’s hands were bound with a turban. The male’s hands are bound with a sexy colored bandana. Let him understand the “rules of the game” : do not unshackle him, or you will give him a small “punishment”. Use your hands to touch your body as if they were your partner’s. Use your partner’s hand to touch your body the way he wants to touch her. Let go of all inhibitions and inhibitions. Men like to witness the woman they love touching the sensitive areas of their bodies in the most intimate way.

3. Touch with your hands. When BREAST edge PLACE CARESSES FEMALE BREAST, WANT TO PUSH FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP, NO MATTER BE KNEAD, OR PUSH FROM THE BOTTOM to stroke, THE EFFECT is VERY good. With the nipple touch, you can achieve the purpose of foreplay. In addition, Zhongfu this acupoint is located in the shoulder, generally speaking, the tongue is used to caress here, and the feeling of shiatsu should be like doing a horse to kill a chicken. Rub slowly with your thumb on the line extending from the root of the neck to the clavicle. You can lick it gently with your tongue from time to time, or you can bite it with your teeth.

4. Touch the head. Many women say they experience a lot of ecstasy when a man inadvertently runs his fingers through their long hair and it stays on their scalp. The head is the land of the soul and the land of reason. When your lover brushes your head, it is like hypnotizing your mind for a short time. At that moment, you will feel relaxed and let go.


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