Here are the most common libido killers


Although many people have a variety of problems in the life of orgasm, the most common is the factors that hinder the couple’s sexual pleasure, what are the factors that hinder the couple’s sexual pleasure? To sum up, we can sort out the following points.

Sex is a natural instinct endowed by God, and it is also a pleasure enjoyed by many people. However, because everyone’s physical and psychological conditions are not the same, so in the process of enjoying sexual life, there will be a lot of failure or frustration experience and feelings, and these problems or troubles are also many people have been lingering nightmare.

Although many people have various problems in sexual life, but according to statistics, in addition to physical health or disorders caused by sexual problems or troubles, most of the situation is because of psychological or ideological factors and worry about nothing. In summary, we can sort out the following points:

1. Nervous or afraid

In a busy society, the tension of work extends to life, which will affect the quality of sexual life. In the tense atmosphere of sex, because the mood and body muscles can not relax and relax, so men are easy to have premature ejaculation or unable to achieve erection, and women are also easy to produce vaginismus or unable to achieve orgasm when emotional tension. Fear is also one of the main causes of some sexual problems. Whether it’s fear of pregnancy, fear of premature ejaculation, fear of venereal disease, fear of being caught cheating, fear of… These psychological factors will not only prevent you from enjoying your sex life, but also lead to sexual problems.


2. Perfectionism

Perhaps due to the influence of the mass media, passionate sex scenes in both movies seem to show that sex is perfect, as if each sex session can be enjoyed completely by both partners, and orgasm can be achieved together no matter what time, place, or position. And so a lot of people think that if my sex isn’t that good, there’s something wrong with it. In fact, everyone’s physical and psychological conditions are changing every day, and good sexual enjoyment not only needs to be learned, but also can be met and not sought. Therefore, the important thing about your sex life should be whether you can coordinate and meet each other, rather than the pursuit of perfection every time.

3. The influence of wrong ideas

The idea that male masculinity can make a happy life in bed has ruined many otherwise normal men. According to the statistics on clinical medicine, the great majority thinks ONESELF has the male of SEXUAL dysfunction, the FUNCTION OF ITS SEXUAL physiology is completely normal. However, in the society, there are more than large, than long, than long stimulation, these psychological distress will affect their performance in bed.


4. Shortcomings of sexual knowledge

In the age of social openness, modern people have access to sexual information through many different media and channels. But most of these people seem to be more inclined to receive sexual information stimulation, rather than sexual knowledge and understanding. Therefore, in the absence of healthy, correct knowledge and concept of love will encounter many problems and difficulties.

Having a happy and good sex life is everyone’s hope and dream, but everyone has their own problems with sex, big and small. When you face these problems, if not the physical health of the impact, then perhaps it is time to take a closer look at the psychological side. Sometimes problems are just a matter of thinking and solving them.

Here are the most common sex drive killers.

1. Cold feet

Eighty percent of the women who slept in their socks had orgasms during sex, compared to 50 percent of the women who slept barefoot. Dr Geert Holsteg, who led the new study, said keeping your feet warm improved women’s feelings of security and comfort, while sleeping in socks or soaking your feet before bed helped boost libido.


2, the sense of smell failure

There is growing evidence that the sense of smell plays an important role in sexual desire and attractiveness. A study conducted by Dr. Ilona Croy, a psychologist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, found that men with anosmia had significantly less sex than those without. The sense of smell is impaired, leading to a reduced sexual life quality in 83% of patients with allergies.

3. TV in the bedroom

Having a TV in the bedroom does not affect how often couples have sex, but it does affect the quality, an Italian study has found. Violent movies and real TV specials are the most damaging to sex and passion.

4, hair medicine

Baldness medications can cause men to suffer from low libido and even difficulty getting erections. The reason is that the drugs work by inhibiting androgens, and some can harm sexual function for as long as 40 months.

5. Bleeding gums

Men with dental disease are three times more likely to develop ED than men without dental disease. There are similar risk factors for ED and dental disease, such as aging, smoking, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

6. Excessive drinking

Small amounts of alcohol can be beneficial, but too much can affect balance and coordination and lead to a loss of skin pain. Research has found that binge drinking can have long-term adverse effects on sex. Dr Graham Jackson, a cardiologist and head of the British Sex Counselling Association, said chronic drinking could damage the liver and affect sexual function.

7. The bedroom is too messy

A messy bedroom, which affects romance, is particularly likely to kill a woman’s libido.

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