What does husband and wife summer sex life notice? Husband and wife summer sex life 3 matters


On hot summer days, many people are sexually aroused. They wear few clothes in summer. When they have hazy positions, they have increased libido. Especially in the morning, warm light stimulates sex hormones in the brain but makes people feel libido. They have to pay attention to a lot of things during summer sex.


What should summer sex life notice?

1. You sweat too much

In hot summer, people secrete more sweat. In addition, sexual desire can easily make people more excited. Some people find that they sweat before they start having sex. This is a type of abnormal sweating. If you sweat too much in the summer, living as a couple can still lead to frailty in the frail or middle-aged and elderly people. People should wait until the sweat is completely dry, the heartbeat is stable, and then have sex, especially for the frail or emotional tension of the elderly, must be vigilant, this may be some diseases. Try to get some rest and wait for circulation to return before doing any other activities. After sex, it is best to stay in bed for about 10 minutes, and then get up to take a warm bath, or drink a cup of soy milk or milk. Do not drink cold drinks or take cold showers immediately after sex.

2. Don’t get too cold before and after sex

Summer temperatures are relatively high, and humidity increases accordingly. Many couples like to have sex in an air-conditioned environment, but during sex, especially after orgasm, the body experiences a lot of sweating and fever, and pores all over the body slowly open. At this time, if it is invaded by cool air, it will reduce resistance, leading to sneezing, headache, nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms. Avoid excessive cold during summer sex. If an air conditioner is used, the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature should not exceed 7 ° C and the room temperature should not be lower than 26 ° C. If you feel thirsty and sweaty after sex, don’t rush into a cold shower. While it makes you feel good for a while, it can invade a lot of bacteria and cause colds and even other illnesses.


3. You can’t force sex on a hot summer day

In summer, most people will feel weak, have no appetite, sleepy, and slowly become thinner and thinner, which is mainly caused by the symptoms of autonomic nerve dysfunction, people are often accompanied by abdominal pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, palpitations, sweating, dreaming and other neurasthenic symptoms. There are also some women may have increased leucorrhea, irregular menstruation, edema, waist pain and other diseases, although this will not affect health, but if the symptoms are more serious, you should avoid sex.

When men are sexually aroused, they should observe the mindset and emotions of their sexual partners and find ways to motivate them. These women can take vitamin b1 under the guidance of a doctor. Vitamin c regulates the function of the plant nerve and lowers the body temperature. Also, get enough sleep, soak your feet or drink a glass of milk before bed.

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