Be shy! Men and women do it all morning long


Sex is very important, each couple is inseparable from the sex, especially the newlyweds, yes, in the husband and wife life, sex life is about both sides of the life of the mind, so, in high school, couples exactly how to do things, some people say that sex is in the morning to have a lot of advantages, is really such, interested friends can with small make up to look at!!

9 Reasons to Enjoy Morning Sex

1. Because a new day has taken on the color of roses since morning

Why wait until the evening when you can enjoy the happiness in the morning? When you take a break from work, you’ll feel exhilarated when you sneak back to that wonderful moment. A German poet even wrote about how it was a pity that women who had enjoyed sex gave off a glow that no one could detect at night.

2. Because you can finally have a relaxing, messy look in the morning

The moment of ecstasy – wild messy hair, this effect only in the morning. You can even skip the makeup: your skin will glow and your facial muscles will relax after a kiss, making you look extra sexy.


3. Because you can’t exercise in the morning

From now on, you can say goodbye to the morning mat exercise, because you can also get exercise in bed – no other exercise can achieve the same draining and relaxing effect. Having sex for half an hour can save 300 calories from your hips and waist. This is especially true in the early morning, when your body’s carbohydrate stores have been depleted and your body begins to draw energy from the fat layer and dissolve it, so this is the most effective time of day to lose weight this way.

4. Because you can finally allow yourself to benefit from his morning glow

Testosterone levels in men are around 25 per cent higher in the morning than at any other time of day, and your hormone is quietly bubbling — though sometimes imperceptibly. Wouldn’t it be a shame to let peak libido slip away like that? Be passionate with him. Why is he the only one who gets to start the day with sex? You can too!

5. Because the quality of sex is higher


After eight hours at work, an after-work gym session, and an evening on the phone with your best friend, how much sex do you have?

In the morning, on the other hand, your mind is blank, the sleep hormone pineal hormone is no longer making you tired, and it’s the perfect time to have sex. You don’t have to follow the routine of eating, talking, undressing… Your lover is waiting for you to “taste”.

6. Because sex is more effective than pills

Still got a hangover from last night? Let your partner help you cope with it. When MAKING LOVE, THE ENDORPHINS OF THE HUMAN BODY ENDOCRINE WILL play the same anesthetic effect as morphine, and a set of intense morning exercises can also promote the circulation of the whole body, so that the body’s small discomfort quickly disappear without a trace (even the commonly used cold bath can be avoided!

7. You don’t have to feel the pain of getting up because you like to stay in bed

Of course we are willing to do something for our partner, but why not do it if we can also enjoy ourselves? If he doesn’t want to get up early, enjoy the wonderful feeling of waking up and waking up with him — the skin-to-skin touch between dream and reality is far more effective and enjoyable than waking up with a cup of coffee.


8. Because you have a tough day ahead of you

Are you going to get up early so that you can think of a solution to the problem? Stop! Be INFERIOR TO STAY ON THE BED MORE THAN HALF an HOUR, BECAUSE THE CELL OF YOUR whole BODY CAN BE MOBILIZED ACCORDINGLY RISE, pituITARY GLAND AND PINEal GLAND BECOME active due TO SEXUAL stimulation, BRAIN BLOOD SUPPLY CAN ALSO accelerate, AND this KIND OF ACTION CAN BE more obvious in the morning. Do you want to be smart and creative? Then don’t wait until night…

9. Because you’ll be looking forward to the morning

Would you dread a new day if there was a big breakfast waiting for you in the morning? A sexy start will make you feel loved and relaxed enough to take all the stress out of your system and leave you energized for the day ahead.

Conclusion: couples in love is really very important, of course, above the small make up also hope to help everyone oh, after all, sex is good health and romantic thing, so, healthy sex is very important, so, you now, if all have already know, hope you health and happiness!!

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