What can men do to prolong sex? How can ability increase husband and wife interest


If your time is longer than 5 to 7 minutes, skip this article because you are already at your best. The key to delay is to reduce the sensitivity of the glans. In this can use the posture of the female on the male, improper can reduce the sensitivity and also can prolong the sex time, will be delayed. Besides posture, there are also the following methods:


Distraction: When you are engaged, your mind will focus on the glans. Now, if you think about something else. It will temporarily relieve the urge to ejaculate.

Strengthen PHYSICAL exercise: THE person with better general constitution makes love time wants some longer. So basically exercise and pay attention to nutrition. The practical effect is more than the physiological effect. The improvement of complex quality is fundamental. In this paper,

You may wish to use and face sitting posture, which is more appropriate than the normal position. First, the upper body is raised, knees bent and open, toes firmly. Second, open the legs of the woman lying on her back, the index finger of the empty hands, as if tied plaster like clamping the penis, the rest of the fingers while peeling the opening, one side into. As long as you are not a virgin with a hard mouth, even if the hardness is quite insufficient, this method can be used.


After insertion, the women’s legs on their shoulders, the use of high foot position of the body slightly forward, soft penis is just down, and the vaginal entrance is hanging, then the results are not easy to take off again. It will be easier to insert a lubricant such as petroleum jelly or lotion.

Next, the man twists his back a little bit and keeps it that way for a while. Although impotence is present, the penis should gradually swell with the joy of penetration and the tenderness of the vagina. Once the penis is really big, it can be pistoned.

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