6 Seductive Games Couples can easily learn


When couples spend too much time together, conflicts naturally arise. Sometimes there is a feeling that we hate to see each other. Even this feeling extends to the bedroom, where the passion feels drained, and the time of life feels wasted, and life and work are affected. How can this be done, and how can a couple become excited? 7 Seductive Games Couples can easily learn.

Might as well look at a few fun games of husband and wife life, simple and easy to learn, can let husband and wife life re-dyed bright color. Stimulate unlimited desire on both sides, make the sex life full of passion.

1, passion photo

One of you will be the photographer and the other will be the model. Feel free to show off your sexual charm in the spotlight. You can shoot with just a camera, but a D8 or V8 is better if you take turns to get a better grip on each other.

2. Porn

Be brave enough to open your camera, record your love process, secretly play a AV male actor or female actress! Write down many good memories!

3, play the wind blowing

“The wind blowing, people coming and going how to match.” Wind blowing game between husband and wife, it is very exciting, there is a kind of illusion of sexual fantasy. Prescribe to each other a period of time during which you must do whatever the other person says. It was a curious pattern of anticipation and fear of being hurt.

4, strip full show

Are strippers only on TV? No, you can also have a passionate dance routine at home. Dim the lights in your house, put on your sexiest outfit in the dim light, and put on some mesmerizing, throbbing music to give your partner a primal, private strip show. 7 Seductive Games Couples can easily learn.

5. Blindfolded

Cover your partner’s eyes with a towel or handkerchief and feed them a variety of different foods, one bite at a time, to see if they recognize what they’re eating. Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger are famous for playing this delicious guessing game in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks.

6, caress try to guess

Many couples in Europe and the United States like this erotic way of guessing things, or blindfold each other, and then use any small or large objects can be found in the home, to caress the partner’s sensitive naked body, see how many guesses he can guess.

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