4 Types of people suitable for sex toys Know the correct way to clean sex toys


How to clean sex toys? As sex becomes less fun, many people will buy different sex toys, which can greatly increase their sexual happiness, but if you just want to play and don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of it, it will do you a lot of harm. So, how to clean sex toys?

About sex toy cleaning

Many sex toys come with their own cleaning instructions, so make sure you understand the document first.

1, remember to wash after each use

Even if you’re the only one who knows how to use the toy, don’t be careless about the cleaning. Your little toys will also last longer if you take cleaning seriously. If you don’t wash the toy, the material may deteriorate or fade. Also, unwashed toys can cross – spread germs if they are left with other toys.

2, if you want to play more comfortable, remember to wash before use

When you don’t use them, they may pick up fiber chips, pet hair, or other bacteria or whatever, if you just put it in, hehe…… But if you’ve got the right way to store your toys (more on that later), this is just a precaution.

3. Choose the right soap

Mild, unscented soaps are recommended, regardless of their antibacterial properties.

If you want to be a little more low-key (like if you live with roommates and you don’t want to take your toys to the bathroom every time you finish playing), you can also choose a professional sex toy cleaner. Spray it on the toy and wipe it off later. It kills bacteria and does no damage to the toy.

4, do not use the battery of small toys immersed in water to clean

It’s mostly waterproof, but don’t leave it in the water…… Good surface cleaning and wiping work is sufficient.

5. Remember to find out what your toys are made of

The sex toys involved in this article mainly refer to vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, pull-beads…… Basically toys that are put into the body.

These little toys come in a variety of materials, but can be broadly divided into two categories: porous and non-porous.

Toys made of non-porous materials are safer because they don’t harbor bacteria on their surfaces. Common non-porous materials include glass, Pyrex, silicone and stainless steel.

Perforated toys are made of rigid plastics, leather, artificial skin, synthetic rubber, acrylic, jellyrubber, nylon and neoprene, which are more absorbent.

There’s no need to guess what your toy is made of — it says so on the packaging, or on the website.

6. How to clean toys without holes

Silicone: Wash with soap and water, or store on top of the dishwasher. You can also boil it in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Glass: wash with soap and clean water. Do not expose it to high temperatures (such as in a dishwasher) to avoid deformation.

Pyrex: It can be boiled, put in the dishwasher or washed in water.

Stainless steel: Boil for 10 minutes, or use the dishwasher.

(It seems that dishwashers are very popular in foreign countries, in view of our national conditions, we should clean small toys by washing or boiling with water.) 7. How to Clean toys with porous materials Such toys are more prone to deformation due to high temperature, so they should still be washed with warm water and soap. 4 Types of people suitable for sex toys Know the correct way to clean sex toys

Best practices for the use of fun

1. Use the right lubricant

When working with silicone toys, do not use silicon-based or oil-based lubricants – use water-based lubricants. Don’t forget to wash them off when you’re done (although you’ve already done something similar lol).

2. Wear a condom when using perforated toys Some of these toys cannot be thoroughly sterilized, so use a condom when using them with your partner. Even if you can enjoy alone without a condom, make sure you wash thoroughly after each use. (Putting a condom on a toy is a must-have for lazy gamers.)

3, often check the vibrator waterproof if the parts covering the battery part fall off, loose or broken, sorry, bathroom play stop! This thing is no longer waterproof.

4. Look out for any anomalies — It might be Time to ditch the toy It’s a sad fact: even the most expensive toys don’t last long…… If the motor gets louder or runs out of power quickly, that’s a sign that it’s dying. Also, keep an eye out for bulging gaps or pits in your silicone toy — a sign that it’s nearing the end of its useful life.

How sex toys are kept

1. Don’t throw them in the nightstand and call it a day

Who knows what the hell dust and debris is hiding in there? Wrap it in cloth, or put it in a dust bag (fortunately, most toys come with dust bags these days, don’t give them back), and don’t just wrap it in a plastic bag. The rich can consider buying a professional storage box for their small toys.

2, remember to remove the battery when not in use

Leaving the battery there can corrode the toy and waste power (even if the toy is turned off, the battery will continue to discharge slightly due to internal resistance). Nothing kills the buzz of a vibrator on a low charge.

Classification of sex toys

Reinforcing stimuli

If glans coronal groove ring (with the elastic ring of protruding stimulator, fixed in the coronal groove under glans), DINGding coat (multi-use silica gel is material, can “increase, lengthen” DINGding, much with protruding stimulator), the condom of protruding stimulator and so on. Their effect is to increase, strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, so that women can achieve orgasm more easily.

Lubricants class

These sex toys are suitable for under-excited or post-menopausal women. It lubricates the vagina and reduces discomfort and even pain during intercourse.

Lack OF experience TO sex, THE SPIRIT is too nervous to THE FEMALE WITH sufficient sexual excitement is also very appropriate to use, it can make the female easy to get used to, get used to the insertion of Ding Ding. Many lubricants also add ingredients that stimulate women and become a kind of special products that are biased towards the taste.

Masturbation sex toys

There are male and female devices, which are good substitutes for some men and women who lack a sexual partner. We have already said that the sex drive is a kind of energy, rather than painful suppression of it, it is better to let it have a suitable release, so this kind of sex toys (sex products) do help couples to live apart, etc., it is worth noting that nowadays, women’s products are mainly marketed to men.


lingerie belongs to sexy lingerie (sexy lingerie), it is a kind of product that combines visual stimulation and sex, it is the product that satisfies human’s spiritual demand after improving material life. The more accurate name of domestic sexy underwear should be sexy clothing, which is a product between underwear and clothing. Like many sex toys, sex underwear has been a very common product in Europe, America and other countries, but in the domestic sex underwear has been gradually accepted by the public in the past two years. Can foretell, as DOMESTIC material life rises, SEXY underwear, WILL gradually MOVE toward ordinary people’s home. Sexy underwear is a derivative of underwear, different from regular underwear, its focus tends to be “sexy”, forming visual stimulation, so as to achieve physiological stimulation of various senses.

Other sex toys

Such as to increase the sexual interest of sex toys, sex products, some special good sex toys, such as sadomasochism sm products, sex underwear, etc.

Sex toys are suitable for people

Many people have accepted sex toys, but whether they can really play a role and improve the quality of life of couples depends on whether they have an understanding of sex toys and know how to use them. According to the needs of different people, the choice of sex toys is also different. What kind of people are sex toys suitable for?

1. Men with short sex time men with short sex time may not enter the orgasm stage when they reach sexual satisfaction. At this time, they can use sex toys. Of course, the purpose of using sex toys is not simply to make one partner reach orgasm, but to make both parties satisfied. Therefore, during sex, sex toys can be used to stimulate each other’s sensitive parts to bring stronger pleasure to women and try to make the two orgasm synchronized.

2, cold woman sex toys have a certain healing effect on people with cold sex. Because sexual apathy is basically psychological aspect, lack libido. The use of sex toys can effectively stimulate sexual desire. Sex toys first produce visual stimulation from the senses. In the process of using sex toys, women can experience the pleasure that sexual life could not bring, which can effectively improve sexual desire and alleviate sexual apathy. And can be combined with human lubricant, massage oil and other external products, the use of collocation will be better.

3, the need for contraception whether young men and women or couples, or elderly couples, condoms are of great effect, not only to ensure the safety of sexual life, but also effective contraception.

4, Single friend As a single man or woman, without a sexual partner, the heart of the fire is difficult to release. A sex doll or a fake penis can help single men and women release their erotic feelings. Sex toys are not a kind of spiritual sustenance, but can actually take you into the paradise of pleasure.

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