How Do Women Use their bodies to make Him Love You More


Men MOST OF THE time the lower half of the animal thinking, so women often think, in the end with what kind of way, can tempt him, let him be attracted? In fact, you have a lot of secret weapons. The weapon of seduction that makes men submit comes from women themselves. There are many parts of the woman’s body, are the weapons of temptation, let men willingly surrender. So, how do we use physical seduction to keep him loving you?


Chest temptation

Want to know how attractive breasts are to men? If you look at this statistic, you’ll see. There was a survey, if the woman comes down to the most attractive part of the 10, 2% of men will choose thighs, 3% of men choose back, the waist was the choice for 4% of men and 5% of men choose hair, 7% of men choose the abdomen, 8% of men choose the feet, hips was the choice for 9% of men and 10% of men choose private parts, 12% of men chose hands, And 40 percent of men chose breasts. No one would object to using breasts as the first weapon a woman uses to seduce a man. So, the woman in the affair, do not ignore this point oh. If the chest is exposed, it is fatal attraction for men.


Round ass

When a man describes a sexy woman, he always uses a great ass to describe her. And as the female figure curve important two points, one is the chest, previously we have mentioned, the other is the buttocks. Breasts should be straight, buttocks should be warped, this is a lot of men often outline the picture in the heart. So, you might as well wear a tight wrap skirt to show off your rounded bottom. When the night comes, slip on your heels and wiggle up to him. He’ll want to eat you right away.


In the idea of men, beauty should have water snake waist. And no muffin top waist line, so that countless men bow. As the axis of the curve, the waist plays the role of holding up and down, which can be answered in the affirmative from the proportions of the girls in the animation. And a woman with a sexy small waist is more likely to attract men. So, if you want to seduce him, the waist can help you a lot. When he puts his hands on your slender waist, he feels a strong protective urge to hold you tightly in his arms.


Cherry small mouth

Remember what we said about the mouth when we first described beautiful women? Must be the cherry mouth, the moon. And men looking at the beautiful women, always let a person can’t help but want to rush up a kiss Fangze, let countless men thronged the imagination. Of course, when we have sex, it’s not just touching, it’s kissing. If your lips are chapped and peeling, it doesn’t matter if you have a cherry mouth. So, WANT TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE MAINTENANCE OF LABIAL MINISTRY AT ORDINARY TIMES, THE LABIAL MINISTRY OF PINK TENDER WATER EMBELLISH, LET THE MAN BE IN KISS YOU THAT MOMENT, VERY ANXIOUS TO EAT YOU.

A nimble eye

Eyes are the Windows to our hearts. And a loving woman, but also let men have no resistance. Eyes are another great weapon for women to seduce men. Since the eyes are called the window of the soul, they can naturally play the role of communication. When you look at a man with deep feeling, even if you don’t speak, you will let him understand what you are thinking, suddenly plunged into your big watery eyes.

Perfect neck


Women’s neck curve, is a lot of men love, this is why many men like to kiss women’s neck. A woman’s neck is as sexy as her collarbone. Also, a woman’s neck is a very sensitive area. When a man kisses a woman, he also takes her down. That’s why a lot of guys, every time they kiss, they go for their neck. Women in the use of neck this temptation weapon, might as well put on a deep V dress, the neck will be completely exposed, the perfect curve, can instantly attract his full attention.

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