Why do women increasingly need sex after marriage


After marriage, many couples have significantly increased the number of lives, and many people also have a question, why women can’t leave their sex life after marriage, the following with Xiaobian to understand.

After marriage, most men and women are touching each other. Sexual life is a special “meal” in marriage, and it is also an important way for human reproduction. Reasonable and moderate sexual life can meet the physical and mental needs of both men and women. Sexual life can be said to be the most intimate behavior between two people. With the progress of The Times and the opening of society, it is not a difficult topic for many people to talk about. So why do married women need sex?

The first time for women is mostly painful and difficult to forget. They just experience the process of normal physiological needs, not enjoyment. Then, with the understanding of sexual knowledge and the recovery of the body, they will more and more like this behavior. Because the benefits of sexual life is very much, there is a kind of antibacterial substance in male semen, it can eliminate all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, can help female genitalia from the invasion of bacteria, effectively avoid the harm of gynecological diseases.


The BODY OF BOTH SIDES IN SEXUAL LIFE MOVES CEASELESSLY, QUICKEN THE CONSUMPTION OF HEAT INSIDE BODY, CAN HAVE THE EFFECT THAT REDUCE WEIGHT. And can promote female blood circulation, so as to reduce discomfort, the body released hormones and can effectively relieve women’s menstrual pain problems, but also can greatly improve women’s immunity. This will make women unconsciously keen on a regular sex life, is also a normal physiological needs of women.


Regular sex is conducive to female body estrogen secretion, thus delaying aging, sexual stimulation, will lead to female adrenaline production, these hormones can improve the transparency of the skin, make the skin more delicate and smooth, look younger and more beautiful. After marriage, women are inseparable from sexual life, because they want to have children, and sexual life can make women healthier, and a happy marriage is needed to maintain a harmonious and sweet sexual life.

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