Get out of bed and let’s get up and make love


Think of making love, think of the room, think of the room, think of the bed, think of the men and women on the big bed intense “struggle”. The sight of a bed sometimes reminds me of the “good things” that have happened there. However, only in bed sex for a long time will feel lack of freshness. If you feel that way, get out of bed and have sex standing up.

Positive way

In this way, the man can hold the woman by the waist, let the woman hang in the air, the vagina against the man’s penis, and then mainly by the man to thrust. When USING THIS WAY, BECAUSE the man IN MAKING LOVE, to use a lot of strength to hold the woman, psychological and strength to be very concentrated. If the woman is too heavy, the man has to use more strength and attention to hold the woman. For men, the penetration of the penis during sex requires a great deal of attention.

Distraction can cause men to lose control of the sex process, and in severe cases, the penis will become soft and unable to continue the sex. So when using this way of making love, relative to the man, the woman must be petite, otherwise the man may be in a hurry, the making love process is not smooth.

In this way, it is more difficult to insert the penis into the vagina when the man is holding the woman. So it is better for a man to insert his penis into a woman’s vagina before standing up for sex, such as while in bed. Then the men and women get out of bed “as one” and stand for sex. In this way, the man holds the woman by the waist. The WOMAN CAN HOLD THE MAN’S NECK, CAN MAKE LOVE WHILE KISSING WITH THE MAN, WHILE SAY SOME TO THE MAN “REFUELING” OF THE HEART. But at this time because the total amount of the woman’s body to the man to bear, men more hard.

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