How to make life exciting as a couple


One, play pure shy appearance

Usually Japanese “AV” actresses, unlike the wild ones in Europe and America, have an implicit expression at the beginning of sex. This is also the characteristic and symbol of the Oriental introverted culture. Shy woman have an air of little girls, a man in the face of such a woman most unable to control his desire protection, especially in the bedroom, a man of a woman show shy of the state of your desire, than those who open a woman in the bedroom, the small woman attitude more attractive to a man, no man like a strong woman having sex.

Two, the practice of skilled love kung Fu

Those actresses in the movie have a great love of mouth, and if you try to learn and get the essence of it, it will not add more pleasure to the sex. Women are willing to be loved by men, because they flatter the principle of man first, as long as the other person happy they are willing to do. They like to hold the upper part of the penis in their mouth in a circular motion to make oral sex more enjoyable.

3. cosplay makes sex more exciting

Not bad, this is also the usual series of romantic action movies. Boring sex can be boring. And a change of scene, a change of character might have an unexpected effect. In erotic films, it is not difficult to find that playing roles in love, such as nurses, air hostesses and teachers, can arouse men’s desire for love, and this role can arouse men’s desire for sex more strongly. The choice of roles should be agreed between two people in advance, otherwise it is not conducive to the improvement of the performance quality.

Four, sex to some comfortable clothes

The temptation to be naked is certainly effective for a man in his early years, when too introverted and reserved would kill him. But to a man who knows your body, naked sex can still seem a little stereotypical. Women must not be naked and he make love, it is best to wear a thin coat, which can arouse the desire of men to explore you, help you more harmonious into the sex life, this trick can effectively increase the interest of sex, bring more intense sexual stimulation. But women should not wear too many clothes, which can have the opposite effect.

5. Use sex toys to make sex more fun

We often see such a plot, in the movie when the heroine of the sex a foreplay, will ask the man to pour some lubricant, the bright and fresh ketone body makes the man can not stop the desire, a twinkle twinkle, make the man “desperate”, want to eat her. That’s good. Why don’t we borrow that? Use DUREX CHERRY flavor lubricant, super fruity sensory stimulation: irresistible fresh fruit temptation always lingering, bring you beautiful and pleasant intimate experience, experience the different feelings of lubrication love, let her love love, dare to play love love.

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