Many women in our country have not had an orgasm, according to a survey. In addition to the sensory stimulation and excitement, orgasm also has the effect of improving physical fitness and beauty. In fact, orgasm is not as legendary as so can not be met, as long as the usual pay more attention to the orgasm will come at any time. So how do you master orgasm?

Do more kegels

There are many factors that can affect orgasm. You can’t control the location of your G-spot or the sensitivity of your vagina, but PC muscles can be strengthened with exercise. Regular Kegel exercises to strengthen the PC muscle exercises can increase sensitivity and help bring about orgasm.

Increasing foreplay

Don’t rush to use lubricant when you need to have sex, even if your vagina isn’t wet enough. Instead, try to get him to perform oral sex on you to help you reach orgasm quickly.

Control his orgasms

Men are more likely to have orgasms than women, so when you’re not having one and he’s about to have one, ask him to shift his focus a little bit and slow down the frequency. You need to touch his penis frequently with your hands, tongue or vagina to make him last longer.

If he’s losing control, try squeezing the base of his penis firmly for a few seconds. This will help delay ejaculation.

Find the G spot exactly

You can use your finger or a small vibrator to reach into your vagina and slowly find your G-spot. Don’t discount the existence of the G-spot. It does exist in the vagina, but most of the time you don’t even know it.

Find your G spot so you can help him find the right place to stimulate your G spot the next time you have sex.

Also ask him to rub his penis more often around your clitoris and urethra, as reports suggest that what makes women more likely to reach orgasm is not deep and fast thrustings but superficial contact with the entire vulva.

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