A little rough sex at the right time can make a woman feel good


Pay attention to all kinds of feelings of women, when the need for psychological and physical satisfaction. As long as the time is right and the heat is right, you can definitely try a very male and masculine way. So, what sex skills should learn?

What sex skills to learn

Playing hard to get

Use her temperature to lead your movement, not with your desire to burn her up. This should be your guideline for any technique you use. Like not touching them until she’s actively puffing out her attractive breasts; Before she takes your hand and puts it between her legs, only swim around her waist and lower abdomen.

Okay, even if you think you can get her to orgasm without doing so, that’s the difference between a pro and you: they can turn a submissive woman into a seductive woman in bed.

Random strain

Don’t assume that the same three-and-two moves you used to make other girls feel good will work for her! Not only women and women are different, even if the same woman will produce different needs as different emotions and atmosphere. Learning to observe the form and improvise is the true meaning of the top masters of the “solo” martial arts.

If there is no

Not stripping her all at once, not just for the sake of being slow. Leaving her waistcoat close to her body, or not taking off her heels; Even if it’s just a necklace and two earrings left over, you’ll be thrilled to death. And, THE CLOTHINGS THAT THESE HAVE BINDING FEELING AND ADORN ARTICLE, ALSO CAN STIMULATE THE SEXY VALVE OF HER BODY AND PSYCHOLOGY GREATLY. It takes a man to instantly ignite a woman’s hunger and thirst.

Slow fine clay pot

Stir-fry is never more flavorful than simmering. Kiss like lips glue glass, lick like dust to antique, touch like to apply ointment to the back of a scalded hand…… Directing your mouth, tongue, and hands at the speed of a movie in slow motion will make her skin more sensitive than ever.

In rough

Of course, for a real man, if it is just a touch of flirt can also be called passionate sex! As long as the time is right and the heat is right, you can try the very male and masculine way; Holding her hair, holding her wrist, holding her shoulder, or even gently tapping her is no problem, and it’s equally stimulating. Some of the more intense moves, however, require a premise that she can completely trust, and definitely don’t hurt her.

Create a cozy little coital nest

Sex should be romantic, it needs a certain atmosphere, there should be candlelight, flowers, wine and everything gentle and romantic. Decorate the environment OF husband and wife sexual life, in order to increase the romantic interest of sexual life. Purchase MORE SEXY UNDERWEAR, MATCH THE SOUND OF THE BEDROOM HARD, LIGHT, TONAL AND SEXUAL ATMOSPHERE TO COORDINATE EACH OTHER.

Men Need to Learn to Say “No” Too

It can be a man or a woman who asks for sex. When a sexual request is made and the other person feels “out of it,” it is difficult to “turn on” even with certain medications, so learn to say “no” tactfully to avoid discouraging the other person. Common conditions include illness of either spouse, excessive work stress, physical fatigue, hunger or alcoholism, depression, poor environment, and marital discord.

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