9 Amazing positions for women to enjoy an orgasm


Sex woman slouch

In fact, this pose reminds both men and women of the swings they used to play on as children, except that the swings are seated, and this position requires the woman to be suspended in mid-air with all her body weight on her hands. In this pose, a reference to the film Lust, Caution by Indian-French director Bin Nareen, the man lies flat on his back while the woman wraps a long piece of fabric around a pillar on the roof of the interior of the house, tying a short wooden stick at the end of the rope. The FEMALE FEMALE UPPER POSITION IS DONE ON the MALE BODY, HOLDING the wooden stick with both hands while MAKING love, slowly rotating the body 360 degrees, equivalent to turning the penis in the vagina. This position is quite difficult for women, not only to maintain the body balance, but also to rotate the body slowly to stimulate the penis.

Sex support body against the wall

Standing position is also the most commonly used position for men and women, but this position is relatively large physical consumption, not easy to hold too long. But the pleasure-enhancing effects are good. This position works the quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and lower back muscles effectively. The male body slightly forward, the female back can be appropriately bent. In addition, in order to maintain a certain height and Angle, both thigh and leg muscles will be stretched. Plus, using this position can help women experience incredible G-spot pleasure.

Sex sits opposite each other

One of the first benefits of this position is that both partners can observe each other’s facial expressions throughout sex, which can tell whether the other person is satisfied and what needs he or she has. As can be seen from the title of the pose, the two men and women should sit opposite each other, with the woman’s feet wrapped around the man’s waist. This position can effectively stretch the calf muscles. Because both sides should keep the sitting position stable and have certain strength to complete the sexual movement, there are higher requirements for many muscle groups of the body. This kind of position is more demanding than male upper position, and the exercise effect is better. Note: If the back muscles are weak, it is better not to choose this position, otherwise it is easy to pull the muscle.

Sex two people holding hands

In fact, this position is a variation of the female up and male down position, except that the traditional female up position is different. This position requires both men and women to lie flat on the bed in opposite directions, with the woman’s legs resting on the man’s shoulders and the woman’s body leaning back. In this position, you can hold hands to help you feel closer together and to ensure that you don’t shift your body during sex. This pose can stimulate a woman’s G-spot better, but it can also be difficult for women. Women can’t use their legs in this position. The stability of the body depends entirely on the strength of the hands holding it. It is very easy to move the position. In this position, the female leans back, and without a firm anchor point, the yin stem will easily slip out of the yin passage.

Sex crouching and bending

This sex position is different from regular sex positions in that it prolongs the time of sexual foreplay, making it a good choice for women who are slow to awaken. It’s an advantage over gym work. Because this position requires a lot of bending and curling, it is excellent for working the spinal muscle groups and inner thigh muscles. Sit up or bend down to exercise the abdominal muscles and make your figure more symmetrical. Note: When the waist pain, should not choose this position, otherwise it will aggravate the discomfort. This position is also not suitable for people with lumbar diseases.

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