The sexual etiquette that men and women must learn


Etiquette, in any part of the world, is an important aspect to evaluate a person’s quality. In the communication between the sexes, etiquette is an important measure. Especially when it comes to sex, how men and women behave in bed directly affects the quality of their sex life.

However, since sex is a two-person affair, both men and women need to observe certain sexual etiquette when having sex. Today Xiaobian to the majority of friends to introduce what etiquette should be observed.

Love and sex go together during sex

There are a lot of people who can have sex without love, especially men. This is a very unceremonious act. It is not only disrespectful to oneself, but also a kind of blasphemy to the other side. Therefore, before having sex, men and women must be clear about why they want to have sex with each other, if it is only to express sexual desire to buy do not provoke each other.

Don’t fall asleep during sex

If you fall asleep during sex, it will leave a shadow in your partner’s mind, and they will automatically interpret your behavior as two things: one is that they can’t bring you sexual desire, and the other is that you don’t love him. Therefore, it is impolite to fall asleep during sex.

If you really don’t have the energy for sex, talk to your partner directly, ask for forgiveness, and promise to make up for it later. Do not force yourself to have sex, so not only will not meet each other’s sexual needs, but will douse their desire.

Don’t smoke after sex

It’s a cliche, and it’s a detail that people often talk about, and it’s a requirement for both men and women. Men and women should never smoke in front of their partner after sex. It will make you look like a John or prostitute.

At the same time, the act of smoking can make your partner feel that they are not fulfilling you and that you can only excrete sexual desire through smoking, which can make them feel frustrated.

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