Sex 4 Etiquette to become a “seductress”


Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people’s understanding, the etiquette on the bed gets people’s attention more and more. Although, this kind of etiquette is not as interpersonal etiquette, but also need to learn. Otherwise, once the behavior is improper, it is easy to affect the relationship between husband and wife. Today, SMALL MAKE UP TELL EVERYBODY THE FOUR BIG SEXUAL LOVE ETIQUETTE THAT MUST KNOW ON THE BED, LET YOU CULTIVATE BY NATURE FEELING “SEDUCTION”.

Keep your body healthy and clean

The primary factor in sexual life is to maintain their own health and hygiene, which is not only to respect yourself, but also to respect your partner. So, if there’s something wrong with your body, let them know, or if you’re forced to have sex, you might end up touching a wound. Make yourself look good before you go to bed. You should ask them if they like the scent. Even if you don’t have sex, your body should be pleasurable to the other person.

Avoid laughing bed

As anyone who studies acting knows, the most taboo thing to do in a performance is to laugh. In the same way, sex, also taboo laughing bed. It means laughing at inappropriate times during sex. Many women love to talk, sometimes in bed will think of read a book, watched a movie, heard a pornographic joke, anxious to speak out immediately. Hold it. For both men and women, erotic jokes should stop. Porn is fine, but porn jokes are by no means the best genre.

Don’t be rude about your passion

We do, though, advocate finding the passion in sex in order to achieve orgasm. Moreover, passion and politeness are not in contradiction. Passion represents love between two people, and politeness represents mutual respect between two people. They do not point out anything too much in themselves, but if a person’s impertinent demand for passion leads to malicious speculation, not only in women but also in men.

A woman should not take a man in bed seriously

As a woman, you’ve probably been told not to take seriously what a man says in bed. Yes, there are certain words and promises that men make in bed that are used to set the mood for sex, and you should listen to them as a sexual technique, not as a way to listen intently, translate them into memory signals, and bring them up outside the bedroom.

Experts point out that in bed, a woman’s seductive but polite behavior can often quickly arouse a man’s desire, is both can hold full of passion, passion is full. Good, comfortable sex can be far behind.

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