A sexy trick that instantly gets both men and women “wet.


Think of all the boys in middle school and high school who wouldn’t be as hard as a rock in the morning because of a little excitement or getting out of bed. But nowadays, people drive a lot more cars. When you ride an F1 car and then ride a shared bike, you don’t have the thrill of the past.

1. Lick your ears

In many old costume films, there is a scene where a girl or a man’s ear is blown, and they immediately feel weak and faint.

While this sex routine may not be true, the ear is one of the most sensitive parts of a person.

Blowing may not necessarily make your legs weak, but licking can.

Centered around the earlobe, the skin around it is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of a person’s features. From the earlobe to the pinna, rub it, lick it, suck it. If you stick a wet tongue in, you’re guaranteed to get wet under the woman and stiffen up the man.

If you can’t get it right, just try running your fingers around your earlobe and stretching them to make sure you can do it yourself.

2. Caudal vertebrae

At the end of the spine, the part of the caudal vertebrae above the chrysanthemums, connects the nerves to the pinky and the muscles of the buttocks.

This PLACE IS in the vicinity of the chrysanthemum, on the one hand, let the other side egg trace chrysanthemum tight, let the other side nervous and stimulate on the other hand can also take advantage of its unprepared, attack its key.

3. Inner thighs

If male ticket/FEMALE ticket only play computer mobile phone not with you love, then this time you can try this trick.

Lean next to your partner and, pretending not to care, sweep your fingertips across their inner thigh, where the tendon is located.

This place is sensitive and exciting, and when you sweep the edge, you can make your partner’s tinky winky feel vaguely threatened.

If the other person responds, you can act innocent — I’m fine, why do you want to fuck me?

4. Eat your fingers

As the saying goes, ten fingers of pain, but as long as there is much pain, there is much cool. Children like to eat fingers, on the one hand, to eat and on the other hand, to be eaten.

The fingertips and joints of the fingers are the most sensitive parts of the fingers. Use more vaginal force, using the tip of your tongue and lips to tease your fingertips and joints.

In addition to physiological stimulation, eating fingers is the most important or psychological stimulation. Let him see clearly that this is the licking on your hand, and this is the licking under you.

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