How to prolong Sex Time in a healthy and natural way


Every man, driven by vanity, wishes he could fight ten rounds a night, but unless you’re in your teens or 20s, the older you get, the less brave you are.

Here are a few natural hacks that may actually keep you humming at night. But the first thing you need to understand is that a man can be aggressive in two ways. One is long in duration, and the other is short in refractory period (the time it takes to get a second erection). Different people have different performance, you should decide which aspect of yourself to strengthen according to your own situation

Pay attention to the former

If your duration is too short to get her to orgasm, using your mouth and hands to help you is the best way. Give her a clitoral orgasm during foreplay, then give her a real jolt and send her up to the clouds as she prepares for a second orgasm. Time to grasp the good, you can enjoy the joy of synchronous orgasm

With two

When distracted during sex, you can reduce the amount of penis stimulation, and you will last longer. Of course, distraction should also pay attention to skills, absolutely can not watch TV novels while acting, otherwise the wife adult under the Buddha sleeve and go can be trouble; Don’t think of other more exciting things, such as having sex while fantasizing about a sexy actress, which will only make you reach orgasm faster. You can think about things at work or with friends, but don’t get too involved. Pay attention to her feelings so that you can adjust the frequency and intensity of your movements

Multiple prevention

This is talking about using two or even three condoms to reduce penis irritation. While many men don’t like using condoms, it’s probably best to use them for the sake of safety and consideration. And, if you’ve always lacked stamina, that’s especially true. Put on two or three condoms, which can be more effective contraception, but also effective less friction on the penis stimulation, prolong your duration


Shorten refractory period:

Cut through all foreplay, cut through all foreplay, because the faster the first ejaculation, the more lasting the second erection is reported to be. And this sudden rush can be very exciting for your partner

Transfer matrix

After LINGERING, IT IS best TO change the next battle place, such as the living room comb hair, bathroom, kitchen, because the fresh environment can absolutely stimulate your desire to sprint again, so that you can raise your head faster

Shun it

According to the medical survey, the average man will naturally erect three to eight times in a night when he is sleeping. So take advantage of this feature and take a short nap after you finish your work. Set your alarm to go off two to three hours later and you may wake up with a surprise

Of course, the above are skill things, the most fundamental or to see the man’s body, if the body is good, basically do not need what skills can be brave, so, strengthen the daily exercise is the most basic method. In the evening, ask her to go jogging with you for half an hour. It will increase your relationship and strengthen your body.

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