Is Half the reason Why wives are cold lies in men


You know what? Half the wife’s cold sex is the man’s fault.

Sexual apathy is TO point TO DESIRE LACK, TELL COMMONLY NAMELY TO SEXUAL LIFE WITHOUT INTEREST, ALSO HAVE TO SAY THAT DESIRE DROPS. Cold sex and sexual anhedonia are two different concepts, both can appear at the same time, also can not appear at the same time, therefore, cold sex is divided into two types: lack of sex appeal, cold sex syndrome and lack of sex appeal, cold sex syndrome. In a survey of well-educated but healthy couples, 16 percent of men and 35 percent of women had anorgasmia.

Among childless couples, sexual apathy accounts for 2 percent, but genuine lack of sexual desire is rare. The following to introduce the reasons for apathy.

Coldness is a disease caused by sexual dysfunction. It is difficult for a person who does not have a lot of general medical knowledge to understand the characteristics of his wife, so it is up to a doctor to decide. More can’t go to buy some “aphrodisiac” medicine for his wife to eat. Said implementation, the woman most taboo to hear “sexual apathy” three words, originally just sexual life is not harmonious, hear these three words, the wife’s psychology is hurt, I am afraid really will appear sexual apathy, therefore, the husband should be quiet down to find a reason, when necessary to the hospital for consultation.

A plenty of men do not understand the anatomical knowledge of sexual organs, do not understand the law of sexual life. Act ROUGHLY WHEN INTERCOURSE FOR THE FIRST TIME, MAKE WOMAN hyMEN IS RUPTURED WHEN PRODUCE ACUTE PAIN, OR BEFORE NOT AROUSING WOMAN SEXUAL DESIRE, VAGINA LACKS GLAND TO SECRETE LUBRICATE BELOW THE CIRCUMSTANCE FORCE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, MAKE WOMAN PAINFUL EXTREMELY, DID NOT EXPERIENCE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE PLEASURE, CAUSE MALIGNANT STIMULATION. And IT IS VERY likely to cause the vagina to have abnormal feeling in the future, such as vaginismus, vaginal numbness, vaginal pain, so that the woman produces aversion to sexual life.

Have a plenty of a lack of understanding because of her sexual knowledge, influenced by the feudal ideology, passive to sex requirement, to cope with the psychological status, sexual activity was thought to be mainly men, plus the man happy themselves, regardless of the reaction of the woman, don’t have a sex life rhythm, make wife never get orgasm of pleasure, of course, No interest in sex.

Have a plenty of because the woman have gynecopathy, pain during intercourse, of course, can cause of department of gynaecology of sexual intercourse pain a lot, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine, the womb inflammation, annex inflammation, endometriosis, vaginitis, vulvitis, etc., the disease can cause vaginal tissue surrounding hyperemia adhesion, sexual intercourse pain, should treat actively.

Some women because of busy work during the day, mental and physical fatigue, or have a major event caused by low mood, resulting in inhibition of sexual desire, they refused to have sex, in addition, location, environment, time and other factors have a certain impact on the couple’s sex life.

In short, as long as the two parties understand each other, understand each other, love each other, and master certain skills, can build a harmonious sex life.

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