What are the characteristics of high sexual desire in women


Female sexual desire is expressed in physical characteristics, if you want to know a female sexual desire, you can simply understand from these aspects. So, what are the characteristics of high sexual desire in women?

1. Round body and big hips

Plump, round women are more sexually active than skinny women; Generally, women with larger hips have stronger libido; Breast size did not seem to correlate with sex drive, but if they were small because they were thin, sex drive was generally low. Height does not seem to correlate with sexual desire.

2, face with freckles.

Generally, women with slight freckles have strong libido, especially on the sides of the nose and under the eyes.

In ancient times, it was called “face with peach blossom”, and it was suspected that she was an adulteress.

3. Blurred eyes.

Generally, the woman with strong sexual desire has charming eyes or unstable eyes, wandering.

For example, she looks at your face and quickly looks away with a smile. This kind of woman has a strong sex drive.

4. Love style.

Women who are more active in literature and art and sports generally have a strong sexual desire, while women who are more quiet have a relatively weak sexual desire. A woman who is sensual in words is more emotional than she is in action, and not necessarily sexual.

5. Like to approach men.

Like to contact with boys, but not the kind of very conservative type, like to play yellow jokes with men, sexual desire is not strong less language.

6, the face is glossy and the skin bottom is full of red woman (indicating that female hormones are exuberant).


7, speaking cavity sound heavy and confident enough, walking when stomping sense of women.

8. A woman with a burning eye when it comes to sensitive topics.

9. Women who give off body odor (you have to smell it through the smell of cosmetics) 10. Women with pan-Asian yellow skin have the strongest sex drive among white porcelain (followed by black spots, white is pretty but usually the worst).

11. Generally, women who love to laugh and cry have strong libido.

12, speak soft dia woman (basically will be SAO without you to develop)13, ugly woman or strange like a woman.

14. Women with multiple moles on the head and face.

15, emotional harmony.

This is the most important point.

Women’s libido varies greatly, and the biggest determinant of a woman’s libido is her feelings or feelings for the man in her bed.

If she really likes this guy, her libido can increase dramatically. Men’s libido doesn’t usually change this much.

That’s why it’s so common to see women who are “cold” and suddenly become sexually active with another man. In the case of loving and sexually harmonious couples, the woman’s sexual desires are stronger than those of the wife who is in a bad relationship.

16. Good status of sexual psychology and experience.

As FOR sexual desire is not strong, not only depends on sexual physiological state, still depends on sexual psychology, sexual experience.

For example, there are some women who regard sex as obscene and unclean things, and are in a state of sexual inhibition for a long time, which will greatly weaken their libido.

Visible, SEXY, sexual desire is built on the basis of sexual physiology and sexual psychology development health, normal.

These are some of the main characteristics of sexual arousal in women, but they are also highly likely events, and it’s not possible to say that just because these characteristics are present, that someone is sexually active, and you can’t know what’s going on unless you try it yourself.

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