What sexual implications do women have for liking you


Can you read a woman’s sexual innuendo? Most women are reserved, and even if she decides to have sex with you, she won’t say so directly. She will give you hints with little gestures and little words, and if you don’t read them, you’ll let the opportunity slip away. Can you read a woman’s sexual innuendo?

A sexually suggestive act by a woman

1. Touch your body

Body language is a great way to tell if she’s interested in you. If she pats your arm or touches your thigh in the middle of a conversation, it’s probably a sign that she wants to go deeper into you later.

2. Compliment your physique

Women, though, are not the only species on the planet that likes to be sweet-talked. Men prefer to be complimented by women. This is a well-known trick in women’s circles. So, when she makes an over-the-top comment about your buff physique, or praises the cologne you smell, it’s probably a sign that you’re ready to move on before the date is over.

3. Share privacy with you

Woman is not open to anyone, she said the secrets to make her have comfort only secure people (how so as to protect comfortable treasure!) so, when you find you talk, she tell you about a lot of personal problems, and speak very emotional, brother, brave, it shows that she wants to get from your physical comfort.

The sexual innuendo of a woman

1. “I’m tired!” This sentence is very common, and very natural. The subtext behind this hint is: “I’m tired, take me somewhere to sleep!” At this point, as a responsible man, the standard response can only be: “Come on, I’ll show you somewhere to rest.”

2. “I’m drunk!” “I’m drunk! It’s also a good reason that, being drunk, she’s not responsible for what happens. I’ve been hanging out in bars for years, and I’ve never met a girl who can drink less than me, not even one who doesn’t drink regularly, let alone one who’s a bar veteran. So don’t try to get a woman drunk to take advantage of her. Women can’t get drunk. If a woman tells you that she is drunk, she means, “I give myself up to you. Do as you please.”

3. “I can’t sleep.” Thinking of your night, thinking of your face, repeated lonely pillow sleepless, tell me you don’t sleep, tell me you also look forward to my appearance… But there are also girls said that can not sleep is really insomnia want to find someone to call a chat. Develop a good habit of 24 hours boot, who knows which late night will have a beautiful woman to dial your number oh.

4. “My head is spinning.” The hint is hard to grasp. Most men hear women dizzy, will comfort: “Do you have a cold?” Then there’s the man who smartly puts his coat on a woman. The stupidest men will say, “I’ll buy you some medicine.” “Or” Let’s go to the hospital! If you do take her to the hospital. She will be anxious with you. The standard answer is, “Let’s find a place to rest.”

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