Why do boyfriends have feelings for other women?


Is the best thing you can’t get? Men’s psychological interpretation tells you the answer, men’s psychological interpretation into the nature of men, let you feel the man’s heart.

A man

Men, mostly have the pursuit of excellent girls, the pursuit of freshness, the pursuit of new heterosexual common disease. Food and sex is an inherent nature of human beings, both men and women will have this nature, so it is not difficult to understand that men have such common problems, but their deep feelings. They feel less and less about their girlfriend, but they are more and more interested in other people’s travel, which is also their psychological factors at play.

Why do men like other people’s girlfriends, but not their own?

One is different perspectives.

Nowadays, more and more men are feeling less and less for their lovers and more and more interested in other people’s wives. What is the reason for this? It’s mostly psychological. For other people’s wives, men often feel fresh, the so-called distance produces beauty.

Second, the psychology of seeking new and different.

In fact, this is only a far-looking and close looking problem. The wife of a man who you see as good, in his eyes, also has many faults. Many marriages are not missing, what is missing is that you do not have the mentality and eyes to appreciate marriage. For your wife, you have to find her beauty, enlarge her beauty. Didn’t someone say, life is not lack of beauty, lack of discovery.

The third is the existence of inducements.

His wife, for a long time, there is no freshness. As time goes on, passion is diluted by time. And other people’s wives, because did not get, always feel fresh. There will always be unlimited reverie, every possible detail, will bring unlimited passion. This kind SEEKS the fresh, wants to experience the difference feeling the psychology, is the reason that the majority of men fantasize person wife.

The fourth is to conquer the psychology.

A lot of things are not born to want, but there are predisposing factors. Just like man A, his wife’s rejection of normal girls is not because the girls are not cute, nor because they have been hurt by any girl. But because before he knew how lovely a girl was, he knew the physical and mental pleasure of a wife. That first shock made him believe that it was the best, the most beautiful, the most pleasing to him. This feeling became a poison for him to resist girls his age.

Fifth, inspire a sense of accomplishment.

It is a conquest to win the heart of a man who is as good as he thinks he is. Will be a good in their eyes everywhere, even very proud of the person’s wife under the body, it is a kind of conquest. This desire to conquer is a man’s unique domineering, but also to their own affirmation and inspire confidence and passion. People with this kind of psychology, often is the more likely not to get the more want, and the more not to get the more must get.

Don’t get the best

Yesterday you sat in class, looking up at the ceiling of your revision books, and you told yourself that you had to go to a prestigious university.

Yesterday you always accidentally passed by the classroom next door, from time to time look at the inside of the handsome face, you tell yourself, he is the right person.

Yesterday, you were playing with your Nokia and suddenly found that the new Apple was released. You told yourself to go home and tell dad that you must buy it.

The truth is, you don’t know what elite schools really mean. You don’t even know what college is for. You didn’t end up holding that handsome boy’s hand, you didn’t even get to talk to him. What do you do with your phone, just to make calls and send messages, Apple’s powerful functions you do not use.

I guess that’s what we all did back then. When I was young and simple in high school, I thought that studying hard would get the best, and that what I dreamed was the best. Going to an elite school, spending time with the people you love, getting the toys you’ve always wanted.

We always say that we were young and immature. However, have you ever thought, in fact, now you, the so-called mature, still lost to the subconscious. Do you always envy like those who can not get, can not get things, and did not have time to confess, and so on.

Xiao Qi, one of my pen friends, suddenly sent me a message saying that she had sent an email. Open a look, a paper thousands of words, the narration, probably means that the boy she likes does not like her, she in any case can not put their own. But at this time her examination result also always can’t compare with the schoolgirl OF peer however, although HAVE A GOOD calligraphy, but very IS angry why his mathematics is so poor. Small she, then again in vent, why their family also do not give force, such as this kind of complaint full list of thousands of words.

Actually, I had no intention of replying. She’s just looking for someone to vent to. However, come to think of it carefully, the former self is not now Xiao Qi. Always think that can not get is the best, the more can not get the more want to. Now, he can send greetings from time to time, he can relax in learning, leisure time to write small print, published or can be used as a broadcast manuscript worth mentioning, life is always full and happy. Wouldn’t it be better to live in the present?

It’s funny to think about it. People always do. Mom said a, others in the bowl is always sweet. A vulgar sentence said it all.

Are you still struggling, still depressed, still worried. Just, in your frowning at the moment, do you think, is there someone to love, something to do, have a dream. In fact, life is so simple, but is tightly held in the hand, warm yourself, warm them, your relatives, lovers, friends, classmates and so on.

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