What does the symptom of chronic prostatitis have?


What is the symptom of chronic prostatitis? In male friends now the risk of male diseases is very high, many men friends are a very serious damage, chronic prostatitis is a common male disease, we compare the disease if not timely treatment, and can cause other serious diseases, let’s get together to see what chronic prostatitis symptom!

What does the symptom of chronic prostatitis have? The details are as follows:

1, urination changes and urethral discharge

When a male friend suffers from chronic prostatitis, the Ambeh Neh river will produce urination changes, or urethral discharge symptoms, frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, urethral discomfort or burning. After urination or stool often white discharge from the urethral mouth, commonly known as the urethral mouth “drop white”. Hematospermia can be found when combined with seminal vesiculitis.

2, pain,

Male friends suffer from chronic prostatitis, patients feel pain in the lower body, waist pain. The perineum, lower abdomen dull pain, different time periods appear lumbosacral, groin area and other acid swelling feeling.

3. Systemic symptoms

Patients with chronic prostatitis may experience systemic symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue and other symptoms, accompanied by dysfunction, affecting the patient’s life.

Headache, dizziness, insomnia, the severity of chronic prostatitis, lumbar acid, weakness, poor memory and other symptoms of neurasthenia, impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatozoa pain and other functional disorders. At the same time can cause arthritis, neuritis, endocarditis, iritis, conjunctivitis and other organ infections. I often giddy, have a headache, insomnia, be prostatitis?

4. Local symptoms

Urgent urination, frequent urination, dysuria, endless urine night urine, Nanjing founding Andrology Hospital prostate special diagnosis center experienced experts, chronic prostatitis patients with mild urination discomfort, burning, itching, urination symptoms are obvious. At the end of urination or when defecation, the urethral orifice drops a thin milky viscous secretion, which occurs at night due to sexual impulse, and in the morning when it is mistaken for spermatozoa, the urethral orifice is glued together with the secretion, and occasionally hematuria and blood spermatozoa. Groin, perineum distension or pain, generally not serious.

What is the symptom of chronic prostatitis? The above is our common chronic prostate inflammation, if the male friend has the above symptoms, must immediately go to the regular hospital, can better check and treat our disease, can also let the male friend no longer suffer from chronic prostate inflammation, I wish you a happy life


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