How to improve the 18 sexual knowledge that the man of his sexual love technique must learn


What do men need to know about sex? Many men have a need to know the necessary information about their sex life in order to keep it perfect. So what do men need to know about sex? The following Xiaobian for you to introduce.

1. Why Can Women Tell a Man’s penis from his middle Finger

Because the middle finger tells them everything. Researchers have shown that the length of a man’s middle finger is linked to the amount of testosterone he received as an embryo. Of course, it’s also about your penis. The more testosterone you have, the longer your penis will grow. It’s funny, isn’t it: the finger that signals your manhood is the finger she’s going to wear her wedding ring on. Is that a coincidence?

Why do men need to watch their testosterone levels throughout their lives

Compared to men, women are more wired and hormonal to settle down and have a stable family. But men with low levels of testosterone are more likely to be committed to family life than men with high levels. One study found that men with high testosterone levels were 43 percent more likely to get divorced and 38 percent more likely to have affairs than men with low testosterone levels. It could be that low levels of testosterone make men more cooperative. If you’re feeling too unmanly, hit the gym — building muscle can boost testosterone. It is recommended that you hit the gym before your date, as testosterone levels in men peak within 48 hours of lifting weights.

Why shouldn’t men get married before the age of 25

Quite simply, the male brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Although his sexual organs are primed, his prefrontal cortex (pfc) is still developing. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for important tasks such as judging right and wrong, controlling impulses, organizing and planning the future.

Why do beautiful women make men stupid

Perhaps you have met a beautiful female waiter bewitched like to give a $100 tip “idiot” behavior. Why is that? A beautiful woman makes a man’s limbic system (the part of the brain stem responsible for emotion) activate when the prefrontal cortex (pfc) should be working, so the brain’s judgment system fails. That’s why Las Vegas casinos hire so many pretty girls in miniskirts and low-cut dresses to walk around giving away free drinks — a scene that encourages men’s discretion to go to hell.

Five, how to pull yourself back from the brink

When you face the temptation of a beautiful woman, just remember: her beauty is fleeting, and your wrong decision will make you regret the rest of your life. That was an easy decision to make, wasn’t it? — Make your pfc fully accountable.

6. Why are you obsessed with porn while she has little interest in it

It’s not that men are shallow, it’s just that the visual part of the male brain is more developed and more likely to titillate them emotionally. Using advanced imaging equipment, the researchers found that the parts of the brain that control emotion and motivation were significantly more active in men than women when they watched the same 30-minute video of sex — even though both men and women were equally interested in the video. This may be one of the reasons men are addicted to porn: for men it’s not just porn, it’s real people. In real life, women tend to capture men’s brains by titillating their sensitive vision. How can ability overcome the despotic control of visual nerve? The answer is to fire up your pfc. Ask yourself “What do I want out of this relationship?” This kind of question can draw your attention away from a brief visual sexual impulse.

Seven, how to let nose start little brother erect

The olfactory bulb at the top of the nose has a direct connection to the septum tissue in the brain that controls sexual arousal. When the cells in your nose are stimulated, they send signals to your sexual instincts, telling your penis to “pay attention” and “stand up.” You probably know what smells turn you on, but what about her? Studies have found that women are most aroused by a chemical called and. Where can I find it? In a man’s sweat, hair, skin. We’ll see next time. Dressing her in your clothes not only shows thoughtfulness, but also arouses her desire. Hey hey…… This is called “drunken weng’s meaning is not in the wine”.

Why sometimes you can’t get an erection during make-out

Maybe the little brother is a little bit “dizzy” in the important performance occasion. Performing is nervous because of the fear of being judged or not lasting as long as expected. Your body will handle this tension into an external threat, nerve tissue and established a “fight or flight” response, let the chemical signals in the body to protect our body: our racing heartbeat, muscle tension, blood flow from the place such as hand and foot and penis to shoulder, hip muscles in let’s ready to fight or flight. Of course, that’s not a good mechanism in bed.

Why do women always “fly off” men

Women are more likely to suffer from depression than men because they have a more developed pathway to the negative side of the brain. The right hemisphere of the brain allows women to see the big picture and the big picture of a relationship, so they tend to realize it’s not working out long before men do.

Should leave her or stay

Only your pfc knows the answer. pfc men who are physically active have better emotional communication skills, are able to pay attention for long periods of time, and are more likely to be good husbands. Men with hyperactive pfc, on the other hand, tend to be distracted, confrontational and argumentative. This makes them ostracized by women. Similarly, pfc inactive men are impulsive (vulnerable to events), easily distracted (hearing poor), easily bored (often finding excuses to take time off from work), and constantly seeking new love and excitement (always doing the wrong thing in the wrong place with the wrong person). Therefore, you should always pay attention to protect your pfc from being damaged, so as to make yourself a popular man with women. The answer is to give up alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

Eleven, WHY play music dude always can pick up a girl

An interesting experiment: the Finnish scientists please eight volunteers in the process of orgasm accept brain scans, the results showed that all the brain blood flow in the climax is reduced, and the blood flow in the right prefrontal cortex spurt – when artists (including, of course, make music) in the same situation happens to art creation. So… Who told you to give up playing the guitar? It’s not too late to regret it.

12. Why do women shout “Oh God!” when they reach orgasm?

Surely this has nothing to do with you. As an indispensable assistant to orgasm, the right hemisphere of the brain is also known as the “God” zone of the brain. When the scientists stimulated the right hemisphere of the brain, the subjects had religious and spiritual experiences. So it’s easy to understand that when she groans “Oh my God” in sexual excitement, her brain is connecting her pleasure to a spiritual zone deep inside her brain. Pity the nuns, they get to be close to God, but they don’t get to experience God.

13. Why does oral sex turn her on, especially when she swallows semen

Prostaglandins (fatty acids in semen) are absorbed by a woman’s vagina and play a role in regulating her hormones and emotions. And women who regularly perform oral sex on their partners are less likely to develop prenatal eclampsia, a dangerously elevated blood pressure syndrome that women can experience before becoming pregnant. Sperm also carries a substance called tgfbeta, which increases the activity of killer cells in women — cells that kill bad cells that cause cancer. Next time, let her beg to serve you.

14. Why can a foot massage be used as foreplay

It’s amazing to say, but stimulation of the reflex area of the sole of the foot can directly affect the sexual organs — which is why women care so much about shoes. The human body has 36,000 nerve endings concentrated in the soles of the feet. If you explore these nerve endings carefully, you will find that each one corresponds to an organ in the body. If your girlfriend’s feet are stuck in high heels all day, she’ll come home with sore toes and a sore back. Gently pull, twist, and rub her toes with your thumb and forefinger to make her feel better. Rub your knuckles gently in a circular motion on her back heel, and her lower back pain will ease. Her reward for this will make it worth your while.

15. Science Sleeping naked can boost male libido

When sleeping NAKED, the choice of the quality of bed sheet and bedding is exquisite. It is better to use comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics to avoid stimulating the skin and affecting sleep. On this basis, sleeping without clothes, the body will relax naturally and blood flow will be smooth, which can improve the condition of cold hands and feet for some people and help them enter a deep sleep. Moreover, sleeping naked can make the temperature of the testicles drop, sperm become more active and libido will be naturally enhanced.

When you sleep naked, your body has a lot of freedom and your muscles can relax effectively, which can effectively relieve the illness and pain caused by tension during the day. It is also very effective for physical activity and prevention of sexual dysfunction. In addition, when sleeping naked, pay attention not to catch a cold. When people catch a cold, the resistance of men’s sexual dysfunction is also played a negative role. If there is a genitourinary infection, do not sleep naked.

Sixteen, men often knead the navel to promote libido is guaranteed

Massage navel gently, or moxibustion navel with moxa, can improve the metabolism of male visceral organs, and then promote the exuberance of sexual ability. In addition, around the navel is also one of the male erogenous points, kissing around the navel during sex, can stimulate sexual desire.

Therefore, it is recommended that men massage their navel with their palms for 5-7 minutes before going to bed every night; Yang deficiency afraid of cold men can also use the “moxibustion method”, that is, a lit moxa stick near the navel, when you feel a burning feeling, quickly move away, so repeated 10 times, long-term adherence helps to improve sexual ability, improve libido.

How to prevent male dysfunction

1 prevent disease, mental health, for example, in the case of male sexual dysfunction, psychological barriers is the most common, there are about more than 90% of the patients, and no organic disease, is caused by psychological reasons, because the idea of feudal society, so the man have the consciousness of self sealing, it has the very big difference with western man, so adjust psychology is one of the most important treatment.

2, avoid organic lesions, organic lesions caused by a very small part, now the medical technology can be solved, is the real impotence patients can also install prosthesis for treatment, can solve the physiological needs.

Eighteen, the method of fast aphrodisiac

1, cold and hot water alternating bath, improve male sexual function

Use alternating bath of cold and hot water, as the name implies is to soak with hot water in the bath first, after the body is warm enough, then add cold water to the pubic area, wait for 3 minutes or so, the penis scrotum reenters the bath after contraction, so repeatedly 3-5 times, adhere to sexual function every day will be enhanced, more energetic, reduce fatigue.

2. “Air-cooled” exercise method

The testes, which produce sperm and androgens, need to be slightly cooler than body temperature to function, so covering the scrotum and not cooling it properly can affect the function of the testes. We can solve this problem by exposing the scrotum to cool air and sleeping. “Air cooling” exercise method for young men excellent effect, promote sperm production and male hormones increase, sex life can be improved.

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