How can man penis erect hardness do not enough improve?


Everyone wants to have a happy and harmonious sex life. It can add color to their life and enhance their relationship. But in many cases, the male friend’s sexual function is always unsatisfactory, the key moment is always off the chain, penile erection hardness is not enough, affect the normal sex life.

So why do men get priapism?

One, mental bad factors

In many cases, penile erection hardness is not enough, mainly male friends under the pressure of work and life, or career setbacks, there will be mental anxiety phenomenon, in this case no good mood to make love, of course, penile erection hardness is not enough, with the passage of time will form impotence premature ejaculation and other diseases.

Two, organic disease

Male friends suffer from heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which will affect male sexual function, lead to insufficient penile erection hardness, and even impotence. Balanitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other reproductive organ diseases can also affect sexual function, induce sexual dysfunction, such as penile erection hardness is insufficient.

3. Long-term medication

If male friends suffer from a certain disease, the need for long-term medication, will lead to a decline in physical quality level, and drugs will cause side effects on the body, will also affect the male sexual function, there will be penile erection hardness is not enough phenomenon, and even impotence premature ejaculation and other diseases.

Four, endocrine abnormalities

When suffering from diseases such as hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism, it will affect the normal sex hormones, there will be abnormal sex hormone levels, and it will also lead to sexual dysfunction.

So penile erection hardness is not enough should how to adjust?

First, insist on physical exercise

Male friends want to improve sexual function, usually must get rid of the bad habit of sitting. In many cases, low sexual function is the result of being sedentary. So at ordinary times to adhere to physical exercise, take time to exercise pelvic muscles and anal sphincter, can enhance the penis erectile function, prolong the sexual life time.

Two, adhere to the diet

Give up smoking and drinking, and eat fewer high-fat foods such as hamburgers and red meat. High calorie food can eat more black food, such as black sesame, black beans, black agaric, etc., can also eat more pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and other nut food. Eating a banana a day can also improve sexual function.

Three, maintain a regular sex life

In the case of insufficient penile erection hardness, can not abstinence for a long time, also can not have too frequent sex life, moderate sex life and masturbation can reduce physical and mental pressure, can prevent prostatitis, can promote sperm motility and quality, and has a certain improvement effect on penile erection.

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