Is time of male penis erect not long what reason the man must understand is erect


1, what reason is time of penile erection not long

After some male friend erectile time is shorter than, still have the possibility to appear impotence phenomenon even. It should be noted that there is no uniform identification of impotence at present, and impotence this phenomenon, or erection time is not long this phenomenon, in the incidence of adult men is about 50%.

To A normal male, erection time is short not only let oneself lose self-confidence, also let the wife get cold, in really helpless. Short erection time is a typical symptom of erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons for short erection time, weak erection, or even inability to achieve erection. Patients need to be treated correctly. Erection of the penis is not a simple activity, it needs the coordination of arteries, veins and the corpus cavernosum to complete. In the above three factors, no matter which link appears a problem, can cause can’t erect, erect is not firm or erect time is short and cause impotence.

Regular SMOKING AND DRINKING THIS IS THE SO-CALLED HOBBY OF THE GREAT MAJORITY OF men, but male friends do not know at all, this little hobby also can affect sexual life.

Regular smoking and drinking, the body intake of alcohol and nicotine and other harmful substances will be a lot, will constitute the impact on sperm, testis and reproductive organs peripheral blood vessels.

2. What is an erection

Erection refers to the swelling and hardening of an animal’s penis, clitoris, or nipple. Generally refers to the male penis after stimulation, in a short time to relax, rapid congestion, blood perfusion into the spongy body veins until the pressure rose to a certain limit to stop. The blood-filled sponges hold up the penis, stiffening and lengthening the penis. At this time, the erect penis can be more freely inserted into the woman’s vagina for piston motion – intercourse.

3, the principle of erection

The corpus cavernosum of the penis is composed of smooth muscle cells and connective tissue, and the corpus cavernosum nerve of the penis contains sympathetic and parasympathetic components. The former comes from T11 to L2 of the spinal cord, and the latter comes from S2-4 of the spinal cord. Stimulation of the sacral parasympathetic nerve can swell the penis, while stimulation of the thoracoluminal sympathetic nerve can make the penis weak. The dorsal penile nerve transmits sensation in the skin of the penis and glans, as well as in the urethra and sponges.

Priapism is a complex psychological – physiological process, the essence of which is a series of neurovascular activities.

How long it takes to get an erection is normal
It is known to all that the length of male genital organs does not affect your later sex life, but the time and hardness of erection will have a great impact on your later life, so everyone will think about their own abnormal, erection time can meet the standard is a male concern.

Male erectile length has a number of effects on men. If the male penis erection is too short, it will affect the male sex life when the female stimulation, and sexual pleasure experience. Erection length is important for men. Because each person’s constitution is not the same, sexual stimulation is not the same, so the full degree of penis erection is different, resulting in penis erection length also has a certain impact. In addition, stress, fatigue, cold factors can also affect the length of a man’s erection.

Erection time, therefore, no specific requirements, as long as your sexual function is normal, so you time is almost normal erections, sex time interval each person is different, so the erection time is also different in sex, different physical strength also have certain effect, can eat vegetable leek this an aphrodisiac to extend the time of erection.

How to prolong erection time naturally and healthily
When distracted during sex, you can reduce the amount of penis stimulation, and you will last longer. Of course, distraction should also pay attention to skills, absolutely can not watch TV novels while acting, otherwise the wife adult under the Buddha sleeve and go can be trouble; Don’t think of other more exciting things, such as having sex while fantasizing about a sexy actress, which will only make you reach orgasm faster. You can think about things at work or with friends, but don’t get too involved. Pay attention to her feelings so that you can adjust the frequency and intensity of your movements.

This is talking about using two or even three condoms to reduce penis irritation. While many men don’t like using condoms, it’s probably best to use them for the sake of safety and consideration. And, if you’ve always lacked stamina, that’s especially true. Put on two or three condoms for a more effective birth control, as well as for a less abrasive penis stimulation, extending your duration.

After LINGERING, IT IS best TO change the next battle place, such as the living room comb hair, bathroom, kitchen, because the fresh environment can absolutely stimulate your desire to sprint again, so that you can raise your head faster.


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