What does the physiological knowledge of male penis erectile have?


What does the physiological knowledge of male penis erectile have? Penile erection is believed to be familiar to every man, but as a man, do you know the physiology of penile erection? So what is the physiological knowledge of male priapism? The experts tell you.

1, how long the penis erection time is normal

Normal MALE IS IN HAVE SEXUAL DESIRE AND PERSISTENT STIMULATION OR SEXUAL ACTIVITY WHEN THE PENIS CAN BE sustained ERECTION FOR a FEW MINUTES EVEN as long AS 1 HOUR, AFTER EJACULATE VERY QUICKLY NAMELY WEAK, IF DO NOT EJACULATE, ALSO CAN BE WEAK INSIDE 1 HOUR, THIS IS A KIND OF human BODY self PROTECTION MECHANISM, BE LIKE THE WATER IN the TANK SHOULD BE replaced APPROPRIATELY, in order to avoid water quality becomes bad. If the erection lasts for more than an hour and is painful, this is not normal. If the penis repeatedly erect (soft erection after) although has been more than 1 hour, but this is not abnormal erection.

Abnormal erection is actually a pathological phenomenon, which must not be considered as hyperlibido, strong sexual ability, heroic and good at fighting and complacent. In fact, this is a kind of emergency in andrology, which needs urgent treatment, and must not shy or other reasons and avoid treatment.

2, the number of penis erection length is normal

Asian race erect length in 10 cm to 16 cm, thickness between 3 to 5 cm is normal. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your sex life.

3. Influencing factors of priapism

The incidence of priapism is not high. It usually occurs in patients with erectile dysfunction after medication or physical therapy, especially in those who do not take the drug as prescribed, take the drug too much or use it too often. More common injection of papaverine or phentolamine, prostaglandin for the corpus cavernosum of the penis, reported that about 5% of the corpus cavernosum injection can appear abnormal erection. Others are caused by conditions called “secondary priapism” : blood disorders, inflammatory stimuli, certain brain or neurological disorders or paraplegia, tumor metastasis or direct growth to the penis, trauma after penile surgery, and the use of certain medications.

Actually each person’s physical condition is different, so for this kind of problem is not an absolute requirement, is not to say that the longer it would be easier to make sex intercourse, so in the face of such problem we must to know and understand, don’t blind to extend the time of sexual life.

4. The effect of physical load on penile erection

Moderate physical activity, such as physical work and sports, can improve sexual performance, including erectile performance, while excessive physical workload can impair erections.

At this time excessive physical load is not only cause fatigue, and muscle excessive growth will also “take away” a lot of sex hormones, and make sexual ability decline. Therefore, those who obsess over high intensity sports should know something about it.

Conclusion: BELIEVE that everyone has understood the physiological knowledge of male penis erection after seeing the expert THIS article, THE expert feels that the ABILITY OF UNDERSTANDING ITS PHYSIOLOGICAL knowledge is better to CONSERVE body parts, make sexual life become more beautiful and happy, thank you.

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