Private health tips, a woman’s vagina should be protected from puberty


Women’s private parts are really and easily infected, and if infected with gynecological diseases, women will always suffer. To know, the protection of a woman’s private parts should start from puberty, their health must not be careless.

Infant period for convenience, children often wear open-crotch pants, at this time prone to vulva subclinical infection, resulting in labia minora adhesion. If a mother notices that her child’s urine is drip-shaped rather than thread-like, she should seek medical attention.

Suggestion: ADOLESCENCE should maintain THE cleANNESS OF vulva, REDUCE BAD LIVING habits, wear seal crotch pants at an early DATE.

Puberty enters puberty, the child develops from childish to adult, the length and width of the vagina increases, and the mucosa gradually thickens. An important manifestation is menstruation, at this time, it is especially important to keep the vulva clean.

Suggestion: adolescence vigorous activity should be careful to avoid hymen injury. Keep the vulva clean, should change underwear once a day (at least 2 to 3 days), pay attention to the replacement of menstrual pads, when necessary can wash the vulva under the shower, in order to prevent retrograde infection, do not perform vaginal lavage and irrigation.

Reproductive period Reproductive period is the most vigorous metabolic period of a woman’s life, with pregnancy, a series of changes will occur inside and outside the body, the vagina is no exception, secretions will increase accordingly. With the arrival of a child, the vagina has been tested and will become relaxed.

Suggestion: Choose shower during menstruation and puerperium as much as possible, because bath may cause urinary tract infection. Vagina is a part of the sexual organs, is the link between the relationship between the sexes, protect the vagina during sex, avoid violence, so as not to cause vaginal perforation, bleeding and other unnecessary damage. Keep the vulva clean before and after sex to prevent pelvic infection. Severe pelvic infections can lead to infertility, with serious consequences. In addition, should absolutely avoid giving birth at home, in addition to the risk, the probability of perineal tear is also high, will affect the integrity of the vagina. After CHILDBIRTH, ESPECIALLY vaginal birth, OUGHT TO EXAMINE the vagina CAREFULLY, IF HAVE injury, OUGHT TO repair in time, AVOID STAY AFTER TROUBLE.

After menopause enters menopause, hormone level is more low, vaginal mucosa becomes thin, local susceptible to bacterial influence, occurrence of senile vaginitis.

Suggestion: Senile vaginitis is not inflammation, but due to the increase of age, estrogen level, vaginal mucosal congestion caused by no special discomfort without special treatment.

Many women believe that using pads helps keep the vaginal environment clean by avoiding direct contact between the vagina and their underwear. This idea is very wrong, because long-term use of pads, easy to make the vagina breathable and cause infection. In addition, the seemingly convenient built-in tampon is also easy to increase the risk of women suffering from gynecological diseases, especially if the tampon is not replaced for a long time, it is more likely to cause vaginal inflammation and other gynecological diseases.

Suggestion: No special circumstances, do not often use pads, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble, induce vaginitis.

Gynecological lotion looks clean, not disorderly use. Still HAVE A FEW women, like to USE all kinds of DEPARTMENT of gynaecology lotion, such as clean Yin, Fu inflammation clean and so on clean vagina. However, such “cleanliness” does not allow them to avoid vaginal diseases. Actually, use fluid of DEPARTMENT of gynaecology to wash for a long time is a kind of bad habit. Because most gynecological lotion contains antibiotics, it is easy to change the vaginal microenvironment, break the balance of vaginal microecology, leading to the occurrence of diseases. Therefore, it is “seemingly clean and harmless”.

Suggestion: The best way to clean the vagina is to shower the vulva with warm water every day. Do not have discomfort at ordinary times, also should develop the habit of washing vulva every day. It is best not to use any lotion at will, especially should not use lotion to wash the vagina. If lotion is needed, it should be done under the guidance of a doctor.

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