What is the safe period for women? What methods can judge the safe period of girls


In life, many women take various contraceptive methods to avoid unintended pregnancy during sexual life, and in the safe period is a common contraceptive method. In a woman’s menstrual cycle, there are the first seven and then eight, but there are also many because of poor grasp of unintended pregnancy, so it is necessary to understand the first eight and keep in mind the safe period.

What is the safety period?

The safe period is the time in a woman’s menstrual cycle when she is not ovulating. During this time, sex is not available and the chance of pregnancy is low. It can make men and women have sex without bondage, so as to get the effect of contraception.

Since women have safe periods and ovulatory periods during their menstrual cycle, ovulatory periods are the periods when women are releasing eggs, and unprotected sex at this stage will increase the chances of conception, which is often referred to as the risk period.

However, there are also many women who do not know how to judge their own safe period, and many of them fail in contraception because of incorrect control. Therefore, women should master accurate measurement methods to get accurate safe period, so as to reduce unintended pregnancy.

How to judge the safety period?

1. Calendar method

Often can hear others say that the first seven after eight mainly refers to the 7 days before menstruation and menstruation go after 8 days is relatively safe, this is a more common rule, although more suitable for women, but also some women because menstruation is not allowed and can not judge the safe period, because the time of the safe period is not accurate. At this time, a woman can record her menstrual cycle in a journal and find patterns, so as to determine the safe period from these patterns.

2. Physiological changes

Generally can also be judged by leucorrhea is in a safe period, because with the time change of the menstrual cycle, the female physiology will follow the change, in the ovulation period cervical mucus more, vaginal secretions will follow the increase, especially when the leucorrhea clear and stretch feeling is mostly in the ovulation period. Through these rules can clearly know whether they are in a safe period, for menstruation is not allowed to tell the female is very good.

3. Basal body temperature measurement

Generally, the body temperature of women of childbearing age will rise after ovulation. Because the body temperature of the body is the lowest in the day after getting up every morning, women can measure the body temperature through this time period. If the basal body temperature is found to rise for more than three consecutive days, it can be confirmed that the body temperature is in the ovulation period, and the safety period is after this time period.

In general, the safe period is a form of birth control that women can take, but it is also important to know that this form of birth control is not well managed and the rate of birth control failure is increasing. Therefore, women should know clearly before taking this method to avoid the trouble of unintended pregnancy.

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