Abstinence also harmful to health long term? What are the dangers of abstinence to the body


In real life, not every couple can have a harmonious and stable sex life, some couples are in a variety of reasons, there is no way to regular sex life, for a long time do not have sex.

It’s a personal choice, but not having sex for too long can have a number of adverse effects, not only on your relationship, but also on your health.

What are the adverse effects of not having sex for a long time?

1, affect the relationship between husband and wife

Sexless marriage is not a healthy marriage pattern. Sex is not necessary for life, but it is also very important. If two people are not willing to have sex, it is just, if a person is willing to have sex, a person just blindly refuse, a long time will certainly have conflicts, and even let the marriage fall apart. Sexual LIFE IS NOT a person’s business, cannot PATRONize ONESELF DISREGARD EACH OTHER, APPEAR A PROBLEM TO WANT TO BE BRAVE TO solve, DO not BLINDLY escape.

2, affect sleep quality

A harmonious sex life plays a very important role in improving sleep quality. If there is no sex for a long time, the sleep quality of two people will be affected. If there is no channel to vent their sexual desire, it will affect the hormone level in the body, it will affect the nervous system, so that people have insomnia, dream and other sleep problems, and then affect the health of the body.

3, affect endocrine

If the sex life of two people is very harmonious, the endocrine system will operate normally, it will be very stable, and there will be no endocrine disorder. If you do not have sex for a long time, choose the abstinence lifestyle, it will make the endocrine disorder. It will not only get some diseases, but also affect people’s temper, let people become very impatient, but also affect people’s appearance, let people have a lot of skin problems.

4. Affect your mood

Sex is essential because it can help people relieve stress, relieve bad emotions and make people feel relaxed. If there is no way to have sex for a long time, the mood will become very anxious, will become very low. When these negative emotions accumulate, problems can arise, ranging from life problems to depression and other illnesses.

5. It affects male sexuality

If a man abstinence for a long time, it will increase the chance of sexual dysfunction. When the male desire Wang, sexual organs will be engorged swelling, abstinence will let men to this kind of stimulation of the feeling of the more strange, the risk of impotence is very great. There is also a situation, that is, do not have sex for a long time, the male sexual organs will become more and more sensitive, when the real sex life, there will be too fast ejaculation, and even cause premature ejaculation

6, affect immunity

Sexual life is a kind of exercise, in the catharsis of desire at the same time, so that their physical quality can be improved. Harmonious and regular sex can increase the amount of immunoglobulin a, which will improve the body’s immunity. Abstinence for a long time will be relatively low immunity, easy to catch a cold and other diseases.

It is important to have regular sex and not abstain from sex for too long. If two people do not have sex for a long time, these 6 adverse effects will appear, and problems will appear in many aspects after a long time. I hope everyone can reasonably arrange their life, leave time and energy for sex life, no conditions to create conditions, don’t shy away.

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