When do women become sexually aroused? When is the peak time of libido in your life


Now people are more open-minded about sex and women are not as conservative as they used to be. Women became more active in their sex lives and enjoyed orgasms to the full. Women have peak libido just like men, experiencing four peaks in their lifetime.

When do women become sexually aroused?

1. The honeymoon period

Many women still can’t have an orgasm for several years after they get married. However, women at this stage are in a tender and loving atmosphere, do not feel tired even if they have sex many times, are still hopeful about sexual activity, active and fully engaged in sex, generally the first year of marriage is the most frequent sex.

2. Free period

After marriage, many young couples do not want to have children for the time being, sex life needs to take contraceptive measures, so can affect the free play of sexual activities. When the couple decides to have a baby, the woman is completely free of the mental burden of being afraid of pregnancy, and will become uninhibited and relaxed in her sexual life. It’s the excitement and excitement of creating a new life that can send women into a romantic rush. If a woman is taking birth control pills, because birth control pills can inhibit the production of sex hormones, the body after stopping birth control pills will be increased, thereby increasing the female sexual desire.

Between the third and sixth month after pregnancy, a woman’s libido increases because of the high secretion of sex hormones and increased blood flow to the sex organs and breasts.

3, 30 ~ 40 years old

It is often said that women are like wolves in their 30s and tigers in their 40s, and that sexual desire increases after they turn 30. Because women after the age of 30 can fully understand their own needs, for sex is not so shy, physical and psychological mature, so there will be a high passion.

4, 40 years old

When a woman enters her 40s, her husband and wife have successful careers, the family income is stable, and she does not have to face the heavy responsibility of taking care of children. At this stage, women focus on taking care of and satisfying themselves, and orgasm is easy to achieve during sexual life. Couples in their 40s become more compatible and matched in their sex life, with women focusing on the pleasure of orgasm and increasing sexual desire. But THE MALE EMPHASIZES ON SKIN CLOSE, NOT JUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE CONTACT OF SEXUAL ORGANS, LIKE TO CONVEY LOVE THROUGH TOUCH CARESS, PROLONGED THE WONDERFUL FEELING BEFORE ORGASM SO, MAKE THE FEMALE CAN OBTAIN SEXUAL SATISFACTION. As long as women pay attention to maintaining this high ideal state of sexual activity, they can still maintain a happy sex life even into menopause.

Warm prompt

All you have to do is capture these four periods of high female libido to have a good sex life. But must control sex life times, cannot be too frequent, sexual life before and after pay attention to personal hygiene. Pay attention to sexual morality, no extramarital sex.

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