What should men and women prepare for their first sex? It’s best to pay attention to these three points when having sex for the first time


When men and women both parties of the first sexual intercourse should be to eliminate the tension, and sexual intercourse for the first time time is short, but not too worry, it will lead to the woman is in a state of tension and damage a woman’s vagina, making for the first time, so, men and women both parties must complete foreplay, let nature take its course to carry on the sex life, and to do well the safety measures, Don’t choose positions that are too difficult to do harm to women.

1. What to pay attention to in the first sexual contact: to eliminate tension

If both men and women have no sexual experience, you should be proactive in making love to a virgin, helping her and enlightening her so that both of them can better share the love. You may be nervous when you start having sex because you are shy or inexperienced. Take your time and gently undress her to ease her tension.

The first sex love due to the reason of shyness, the first time to make love is not like mature young women put open, can quickly enter the state. Therefore, you should do a lot of foreplay, on sensitive areas to do more, so that the virgin will be better into the intoxication state, which is conducive to sex.

What to pay attention to in the first sexual contact: pay attention to hygiene

Make LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO health, BEFOREHAND WASH OUTSIDE PUDDLE, WAIT LIKE urethritis, cystitis, Pyelonephritis. Prevention method is that both men and women should often wash the genitals, each time before x.j both sides should clean the genitals and genitals, women after the same sex had better urinate once and wash the genitals again, in order to reduce the chance of infection.

3. What should we pay attention to in the first sexual contact: choosing the appropriate posture

Women in the first sexual love because of lack of experience, shy and other reasons can not be very good with men, if at this time men still use the way of male up and female down, it will be very troublesome to do, and even can not find the entrance to scramble, especially in the case of men are also inexperienced. Therefore, it is better to use both parties are more comfortable, and can be relatively fast way to make love. You can ask your girlfriend to take appropriate steps to reduce her pain. For example, let her back up, legs bent, hands support the thighs, thighs to the side, you open the vagina with your hands during penetration, let her hold her breath when entering, so that the pain will be much less.

It is better to use both sides are more comfortable, and can be relatively fast way to make love.

For instance USES your girlfriend on the edge of the flat broad desktop, his two legs, while you stand in the face of her, so, his girlfriend pussy on your penis, you can clearly see a woman’s vagina, can quickly find the vagina, insert, and can easily use hand insertion of the penis, penis insertion can better.

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