How Couples can improve the quality of Sex 7 Steps to improve the quality of sex


Although sexual life is mainly accomplished through the brain and sexual organs, the health of other organs and systems of the body can not be ignored for the quality of sexual life.” Fitness “and” health “in all aspects have the same place, or is completely connected, completely consistent. The seven steps outlined by American health experts are not only the key to fitness, but also the key to improving your sex life.

Learn these seven steps to improve sex

1, strong heart

Exercise such as cycling, swimming, brisk walking, calisthenics and running on fitness machines can enhance the endurance of the blood circulation system and make you more durable in your sex life.

When you have sex, although there is more blood flow to the limbs and reproductive organs, but does not affect the blood supply to other parts, the brain still has a full blood supply. The improvement of blood circulation is also beneficial to the secretion of hormones, and can make the female Y channel run more fully.

2. Strengthen your limbs

If the limbs are not strong enough, when having sex in one position, they often feel unable to support it and have to end their sex life early. This shows that the exercise of the limbs strong and powerful, is very beneficial to sexual life. Fitness gymnastics, push-ups, yoga, running, etc., are helpful to enhance limbs especially the strength of the legs and endurance.

3, enhance the flexibility and flexibility of the body

Limb SHOULD BE FORCEFUL NOT ONLY, HAVE FLEXIBILITY EVEN, ELASTICITY, WON’T FEEL HANDY WHEN SEXUAL LIFE OTHERWISE, FOLLOW one’S inclINE. Sometimes, they feel stiff or cramp in the legs and the body is falling apart. Flexibility and flexibility allow you to hold a position for a long time without straining, and to change positions with ease. This will naturally increase the creativity of sexual life and enhance the pleasure of orgasm.

4, strengthen the pelvis and waist abdominal muscles

The muscles of the pelvis, psoas, and abs are important to the performance of sex and the experience of orgasm. A YOGA teacher IN California recommends the following exercises: STANDING WITH feet APART AND knees slightly bent, slowly ROTATING the PELVIS to the left AND RIGHT side as YOU inhale, AND SLOWLY turning to THE right side as you exhale.

Do not move your feet. Your weight is balanced on both feet. In addition, sit-ups strengthen the lumbar and abdominal muscles, which are good for position support and friction during sex.

5. Exercise the pubococcygeus muscle

Pull your legs slightly apart and contract the muscles around your anus as if you had suddenly stopped urinating. Keep them tight. Release 3. Repeat 30 times. The contraction should only involve the pubococcygeus (pC) muscles in the pelvic floor and Y, and not extend to the muscles in the buttocks, abdomen, and legs, so you don’t get tired.

Exercise several times a day. You’ll start to feel tight in the anus. Women in orgasm, pC muscle contraction, therefore, exercise pC muscle help to improve women’s orgasm, but also help to improve men’s ability to control ejaculation, correct the phenomenon of too fast ejaculation.

6. Learn to relax

The sex therapist, sex educator, counselor and therapist at Seaver Kinsey puts it best :” Relaxation enables you to appreciate the pleasure of being touched, and enables you to respond better physically and emotionally, leading to a more fulfilling sexual life.”

7. Be persistent and persistent

Sexual power is like any other function in the body. The M.D. ‘s emphasis :” To maintain sexual health, it is essential to maintain frequent sexual activity. Once you have a strong sexual desire, you can put it into action. It does not have to be orgasmic, it does not have to be with a spouse (‘ masturbation’ is OK), and it does not have to be in the bedroom bed. Every other day to a week all OK, insist continuously, PERSERVE is VERY important. Otherwise, your hormone levels will change, and your “sexual mood” and “interest” will go away.

Just as physical exercise is beneficial to improving your sex life, a good sex life is also an excellent enhancer for your health. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that sex helps relieve headaches and premenstrual syndrome; Regular sexual life can improve women’s estrogen level, help to prevent arteriosclerosis, maintain bone density, maintain skin moist, make Y channel in a good state of lubrication; Sex can increase antibody levels and relieve harmful tension.

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