What can a woman do to have an orgasm


For women, there is no definitive answer to the question of how to achieve orgasm, and even sexologists who have studied it for years are struggling to come up with a definitive answer. But according to a recent magazine, there are simple tricks that can help women increase their chances of having an orgasm, such as leaning over and wiggling their hips.

Women are “creatures of feeling”, and the slightest change can bring out the best feelings she has ever had. During sex, a woman can put a pillow under her body, tighten the buttocks and vaginal lining muscles at the same time, and slowly twist the body from side to side in an effort to maximize stimulation around the vagina.

In this process, should try to slow down the movement, carefully feel every trace of change in the body, to find the most suitable for their own Angle. This is especially recommended for women who have clitoral orgasms.

If the head of your bed is facing the wall, you can place two pillows against the wall and lean your upper body against the pillows. These can improve the position of the vagina to a certain extent, so that the clitoris is rubbed as much as possible, enhancing pleasure.

Sometimes, you may feel that after changing your posture, you will not feel as good as before. Then adjust in time and don’t be afraid to fail, because change is better than the same.

Sex involves a variety of factors, whether the two people’s bodies are in tune, whether the soul is in tune, whether the caress and kiss are strong enough, all determine whether a woman can achieve an orgasm. Therefore, every link should be taken seriously.


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