What harm does husband and wife have after excessive sex life


We have a big debate about frequency. Some people think that sex is not too often when the body is not tired. What harm is there after excessive sex life?

What are the dangers of excessive sex?

First, the physical condition becomes worse

For both sexes, it causes greater physical exertion and inevitably leads to a decline in fitness over time. It also immediately affects the mental state, and even the ability to think, remember, analyze, etc., will become worse and worse.

Two, sexual organ “overwork”

Due to the persistence and repetition of the sex drive, both men and women increase the burden of sexual control nerve centers and sexual organs. The result of constant fatigue is a decline in sexual function and “premature aging”.

Three, induced sexual dysfunction

Men often live to prolong the time of ejaculation, because the second sex ejaculation time is certainly longer than the first time, which lays the potential for future sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, no ejaculation, ejaculation time is slow, sex is not fun and so on.

The non-response period is too long

Men have a non-response period after sex, that is, sexual stimulation does not respond for a period of time after intercourse. Often repetitive life will prolong the non-response period, easy to lead to a decline in sexual function.

Five, increase back strain

Men often repeat their lives. As a result of sexual organ repeated continuous congestion, can induce prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other diseases, not only can cause perineal discomfort, back pain, still can cause blood sperm. Women often repetitive life, sexual organs are always congested, will induce pelvic congestion. The so-called pelvic stasis syndrome can cause discomfort such as heavy waist acid.

6. Satisfaction decreases after multiple times

Both men and women, repetitive life, second, third, fourth sex life, sexual satisfaction is worse than the previous time, easy to cause psychological impact, think that their sexual ability has problems, eventually lead to psychological and mental factors caused by sexual dysfunction.

What is the best frequency of sex?

In addition to staying in a relationship, a couple’s happiness depends on having a good sex life. A normal couple’s sex life is about feeling deep love for each other in mind and body. So, how many times a week does the average couple have sex?

The deepest and sweetest happiness that human beings can taste can only be felt in the temporary rest of the complete union of two truly loving persons. The joy and content of the sexual process can bring the two parties closer than the combination of orgasm and happiness. Generally speaking, the number of times a couple has sex is inversely proportional to their age, that is, the older they are, the less they have sex. Most couples spend their week as follows:

From 20 to 30: Have sex about three to five times. A young mind and energy can inspire all kinds of passion and motivation. At this time, both men and women can enjoy the infinite pleasure of sex;

2, 30 to 45 years old: the frequency of having sex is about three to four times a week.

The couples of this age are in the golden age of their life. They are in love with each other and have endless sexual fantasies and pursuits.

3. From age 46 to 60: about two or three times a week. In middle age, most of the couples at this stage have experienced love and gradually settled down. The relationship between husband and wife is like a long river, washed away the peace and stability of lead. So at this time the couple’s pursuit of sexual life is more spiritual satisfaction.

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