What do couples do when sex always goes wrong? Couples choose these modes of sex


Mistakes in sex are often caused by the inability of both partners to master the rhythm of sex. Without sex, we think each other is not good enough, but if excessive sex is not only bad for the body, but also to the psychological damage. Let’s take a look at the optimal frequency of sex.

Harmony in sexual life

In order to have a harmonious sexual life, both spouses should understand the basics of sex, especially the normal differences in sexual function between men and women.

Otherwise, husband and wife can not tacit cooperation. In summary, there are the following differences in sexual function between men and women:

(1) Male sexual desire is strong and can cause sexual excitement at any time; Female sex drive is relatively weak, and sexual arousal is related to the menstrual cycle (generally around ovulation and premenstrual period). There are some women in the premarital sex desire is weak, or even no, in the process of married sex, sexual desire gradually increased.

(2) Male sexual impulse is fast, enter pleasure orgasm quickly, sexual desire fades quickly. Generally speaking, normal men from sexual intercourse to ejaculation takes about 2 to 6 minutes (or 3 to 15 minutes); Female sexual impulse occurs slowly, generally need 10~30 minutes (or 5~15 minutes) ability to achieve pleasure orgasm.

Orgasm lasts for a long time and sexual desire fades slowly.

(3) Male sexual desire is easy to focus on the sexual organs, high desire; The female sex drive is broader and more complex, including laughing, gentle, caressing, etc., and only after a certain amount of excitement is reached. The ideal sex life is one in which both partners orgasm at the same time or allow the woman to orgasm and the man to ejaculate. Women who orgasm do not interfere with intercourse; Very different from men, women can reproduce happy orgasms in a short period of time.

Two, sexual intercourse frequency

The question of the right amount of intercourse is a difficult one to answer. The strength of sexual desire varies from person to person. Even the same person is influenced by age, constitution, personality, occupation, climate, environment, mood and other factors. Therefore, the number of sex can not be mechanically prescribed, but should be adjusted according to the specific situation of both parties. During the wedding, sexual desire is intense and intercourse is frequent. In the first few months of marriage, usually two to three times a week. With age, it will gradually decrease to once or twice a week. People in poor health had fewer. It is human nature for couples to live apart for a long time and have sex regularly, but it should be controlled appropriately.

Whether the sex life is moderate or not, each couple is different, which is related to each couple’s work and their own situation.

High quality sex can be a great way to integrate a relationship, so what kind of sex is the best model?

Sex mode is best

1. 6-8am is the best time to have sex

According to conventional wisdom, night adds glamour and should be the perfect time. But sexologists have a different view, saying the ideal time is at the beginning of the day, between 6-8am. When a woman wakes up in the morning, she has the highest levels of sex hormones, which give her the most pleasure. Second, it’s a great way to boost energy and mood.

2. Produce the highest quality sound

A state court in the United States has taken up a bizarre case of fining a young woman for Shouting during sex. It really did her wrong. People whose voices are more than twice as good as “silent” should not be punished, according to Swedish scientists. Research has shown that more than any visual image can trigger sexual arousal.

3. The ideal sex duration is about 10 minutes

According to research, a minute or two is too short to satisfy both partners sexually, especially women.

Most couples think 3-7 minutes of sex is acceptable “acceptable “; Ten minutes is ideal; If it lasts more than 13 minutes, even if it is “long”, it is easy to get exhausted and lose interest.

So, who’s in charge? Sex and love come from the brain. Daniel Amen, an American neurologist, has been doing research for 25 years. In his view, the brain is the “sexual commander-in-chief “: we feel sex because certain neurochemical systems in the brain cause us to feel these emotions. In this issue, this edition will reveal how the thoughts of love and sex in the brain come about, and how they linger in our minds.

4. See and smell, sexy receivers

When choosing a partner, men focus on physically beautiful, attractive and fantasy-inspiring members of the opposite sex; Women are attracted to men who look like good fathers and husbands, even if they look plain and dress simply.

Daniel Amen explained that women are not as “recognisable” as physical attractiveness in a mate. Men’s standards, by contrast, are simpler and easier to achieve. When you see the object of your affection, the neurotransmitter dopamine in the male brain quickly “goes into action,” lighting up areas responsible for pleasure, action and reward. A man will feel his heart beating faster and have an unspeakable impulse.

Men are attracted to beautiful women, not superficial, but the brain responsible for visual areas too “strong”. According to the Emory University study, when men watch 30 minutes of erotic content, these areas will completely “light up.”

“For example, when beautiful girls ask men for help, they do something stupid.” “Says Daniel Amen.

The simplest way to overcome the “tyranny” of the visual nerve is to mobilize logical thinking. Men might as well ask themselves: Why am I doing this, and what are the benefits? These problems can be called to attention from a brief visual impulse.

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