Why does postpartum woman’s libido drop? How to let postpartum schoolgirl enhance sexual desire


After giving birth, new mothers shift all their attention and thoughts to their children, and their sexual interest decreases greatly, which makes many new fathers feel very distressed. In fact, this is a common phenomenon. As long as women are given a certain amount of care and care, they can recover quickly.

The reason why postpartum women are less interested in sex?

During pregnancy because of the fear that sex is bad for the baby, so avoid sex, put all the thoughts on the baby. After giving birth, the new mother will be busy taking care of the baby, feeding, putting the baby to bed, changing diapers, etc., which will make the new mother feel very tired, every day will be too tired to move, but there is no time to think about sex. New mothers still remember the pain of childbirth, so they also avoid sex.

In addition, after giving birth to a deformed figure, such as saggy hips, fat waist, big thick legs, lost confidence in the figure, if it is a C-section, there will be ugly scars on the stomach and no fade stretch marks, so do not want to be seen by the other half. Natural labor women worry about vaginal relaxation effect on the quality of sexual life, also fear can appear when sex perineum wound dehiscence, so sex will be on a lot of scruples, after giving birth female ovarian function is still not fully recover, and the little sex hormone secretion, so don’t have any interest in sex.

How to get new mothers interested again?

1. Help take care of the children

New father must take care of the baby, do not refuse, can not take care of all the tasks of the baby to women, this will make women very busy, and not women are born to take care of the baby, if you can not take care of children, you should learn to do more.

2. Communicate more and eliminate concerns in time

Communication between husband and wife is really very important, especially after the family added a little baby, life will happen a lot of changes, when encountering problems if not timely communication, then it will be easy to produce a lot of contradictions. After giving birth, many new mothers will have various concerns and psychological problems. At this time, the husband should give his wife some support and encouragement.

3. Use foreplay to turn a woman on

Female vagina very dry after giving birth, but also is not very sensitive sensitive, so to bring sexual interest cannot be better to try and her husband to give women must have patience, can do it by kissing and touching or sweet enough foreplay, this can let a female must relax, easier to quickly into the state of sex, filed a desire.

Warm prompt

New fathers should help their wives do more housework. Keeping the home clean and tidy and helping women take care of the children will make them feel better and promote the sex life between the couple

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