What’s going on with Morning Bob’s disappearance? What are the factors that cause the morning bird to disappear


For men, morning guard is a normal thing. Morning occurs mostly in four to seven o ‘clock in the morning, is a normal physiological phenomenon, also is a kind of reference function normal, under normal circumstances, men basic will appear in the morning every day, so once the morning disappeared, many men will feel special panic, lest they suffer from impotence, disappearance of morning he still has a lot of actually, not only a kind of impotence.

How is morning Bob’s disappearance caused?

1. Drug influence

Men get sick after unavoidably need to take some drugs, sometimes even need long-term use of certain drugs, including some drugs morning he is likely to cause adverse effects, such as sedative drugs, antidepressant drugs, blood pressure, etc., thus there are drugs to consult a doctor if necessary, under the guidance of scientific and reasonable use, to minimize side effects.

2. Bad living habits

Bad living habits will also be on men’s morning adverse impact, such as smoking or drinking often stay up late for a long time, drinking and smoking can cause damage to body tissues, including organs, often stay up late chapter will damage the body’s endocrine, endocrine when an exception occurs, also may appear morning he disappeared, Therefore, we should develop good living habits at ordinary times. We should not only give up smoking and drinking in time, but also avoid staying up late. If we must stay up late, the number of staying up late every week can not exceed two days.

3, disease,

Some diseases will also affect the male erectile function, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, testis, epididymitis, hypertension, endocrine lesions and so on, these primary diseases if not timely and effective treatment, not only will lead to the disappearance of male morning, sometimes even affect the male sexual function and reproductive function.

4, age,

The increase of age may also lead to the disappearance of male morning bo, under normal circumstances, men to menopause, that is, around the age of 50, male hormone secretion will be greatly reduced, the body functions will slowly decline, from this point on, male morning Bo will slowly decrease or even disappear.

5. Too much stress

Too much pressure or fatigue and other factors, may also lead to the disappearance of morning bo, because too much pressure will affect the body’s endocrine and biological clock, fatigue will make the body’s various functions in a weakened state, so men should learn to deal with stress, and maintain a combination of work and rest.

Warm prompt

Male friends usually need to solve the problem of the disappearance of morning cloth. If it is caused by too much pressure, they should learn to adjust the pressure. If it is caused by drugs, they should communicate with the doctor, change or increase or decrease the dosage of medicine, and develop the good habit of regular work and rest, no smoking and no drinking. In terms of diet, we should eat more fish, leek, oysters and other foods that have the effect of tonifying the kidney and strengthening the Yang, and also keep enough sleep.

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