Sexual condom broken how to remedy?


So far the use of condoms to contraception, belong to the safe and effective contraceptive measures, contraception can reach about 99%, but both men and women in the sexual life, if the sexual life is too intense will lead to condom break or fall off, women are worried about pregnancy, then how to remedy it?

When sexual life condom breaks how to come remedy?

1, vinegar and water to sit bath

If you do not have emergency contraceptive pills, you can soak your vagina for about five minutes in a bath with 10 milliliters of vinegar in half a basin of warm water. The acidic environment is not good for sperm, but this method has a particularly low success rate. After sperm enters the vagina, it passes through the cervix and enters the uterine cavity.

2. Women squat down immediately

When SEXUAL LIFE CONDOM BROKE IF THE FEMALE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY under the bed squat, so CAN let semen quickly from the vagina inside the flow out, and then the use of external contraceptive is placed in the vagina deep, so can kill the remaining in the vagina sperm, let sperm lose vitality.

3. Always have one or two anti-pregnancy medications on hand

The best way to remedy a broken condom is to take an anti-pregnancy drug right away. The most commonly used anti-pregnancy drug so far is the Family Visit Pill 53. Take one pill immediately after sex for no more than 12 hours, and then take one pill each night on the second, third and fourth days. Alternatively, you can take two short-acting 18 Icontraceptive pills a day.

4. Go to the hospital to place the IUD

If you are not in a hurry to have a baby after having sex, and you don’t have emergency contraception pills, you can go to the hospital to have an IUD placed, but the IUD needs to be placed within 5 to 7 days after having sex.

5. Emergency contraceptive pills

Sex of the condom broke in the process of sex, then immediately went to the hospital to buy emergency contraception, must be taken within 72 hours, this is the best one way to avoid accidental pregnancy, taking again after 12 hours after use, must be in accordance with the instructions to take medicine, if the vomiting after taking the drug phenomenon should immediately take, But you can’t take the morning-after pill more than twice a year.

Warm prompt

When a condom breaks, it is necessary to carry emergency contraception through the above remedial measures, but patients with hepatitis, nephritis, epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes should not take emergency contraception, or it will aggravate the disease. Female friends can also eat more food with contraceptive effect, such as carrots, but can not eat for a long time, otherwise it will lead to infertility in the future


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