Eight things that affect libido?


More than half of the factors that contribute to a loss of libido can be eliminated on their own, while the rest require medical help. Summed up, can make the decline of libido have the following factors.

There are eight main reasons that affect libido

1. Emotion: when people are in a bad mood, their libido is easy to temporarily decrease, especially in the bad state of extreme sadness, terror, depression and despair, their libido will be significantly affected, and even can be completely lost. In view of this, when the lover is in a bad mood, the first issue is to help him or her to eliminate the bad mood, good mental health, should not have sex at this time. If the lover is reluctant to cope, not only can not stimulate pleasure, but also easy to lead to sexual indifference, and will damage the relationship between husband and wife.

2. Nutrition: Nutrition is the material basis of sexual life. Research RESULT MAKES CLEAR, THE LACK OF IMPORTANT ELEMENT SUCH AS PROTEIN AND ZINC, CAN CAUSE SEXUAL FUNCTION TO DECLINE, INFLUENCE TO THE MAN ESPECIALLY HEAVY. On the contrary, adequate and complete nutrition, especially eating more food containing high quality protein, multivitamins and zinc, can maintain the normal level of sexual function.

3, alcohol and tobacco: long-term smoking and non-smokers, more likely to cause impotence. Long-term alcohol can make sexual function decline, decreased libido. Heavy drinking has been shown to cause dilation of blood vessels, blood flow to the penis and anhedonia, leading to a decrease in libido.

However, the effects of tobacco and alcohol on sexual function are reversible, and most sexual function can gradually return to normal level after abstinence.

4, drugs: long-term or large doses of certain drugs, can cause sexual dysfunction, and can even cause men impotence and women’s apathy. There are many types of drugs that affect sexual function, among which the important and common ones are reserpine, Lufwood, propranolol, chlorpromazine, prubenzin and some anticancer drugs. Long-term radiation therapy, for example, can also lead to reduced libido.

5. Living conditions: living in a chaotic, poorly ventilated and overcrowded environment will not only cause a bad mood, but also lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain due to insufficient indoor fresh air, which affects sexual function and reduces libido. In particular, several generations of people living together in a room, or sleeping in a bed with their children, will form invisible psychological pressure, easy to cause loss of libido.

6, season, temperature: According to the survey, in the winter and spring season of low temperature, most people have strong libido, especially spring is considered to be the courtship season, and the sweating summer, libido is often temporarily weakened. A part of women’s libido and menstrual cycle is closely related, often a few days before menstruation to enhance libido, a part of the week after menstruation is stronger. Most women experience some loss of libido during pregnancy. Men also experience periodic changes in sexual desire, but most of them are less pronounced.

7. Bad habits of sexual life: for example, some people have sexual intercourse frequently after marriage, several times a day, and keep this habit for a long time. As a result, when married for a longer period of time, men begin to show their incapacity. This KIND OF PHENOMENON resembles SOMEWHAT “overdraft” consumption, in the end can only harm oneself and wife. Still SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO BORROW WINE TO HELP “SEX” HABIT, OFTEN BE AFTER DRINKING SEX LIFE, THIS KIND OF HABIT ALSO IS EXTREMELY EASY ACCELERATE SEX DECLINE. In the ancient Chinese medical book Huangdi Neijing, there is a record that “today’s people, otherwise, take wine as the pulp, act in a vain way, get drunk and enter the room to exhaust the essence, to dissipate the truth”, which shows that the use of wine to help sex will eventually damage the true Yang of the human body. In addition, heavy smoking causes premature hardening of the arteries; Having sex immediately after a meal, having sex after fatigue, having sex during the recovery period after illness, etc., are easy to consume the vitality of the human body, which is quite adverse to the long-term maintenance of sexual function.

8, worship the bad habit of aphrodisiac drugs: some people in order to pursue the stimulation of sexual life, casually use a variety of aphrodisiac drugs and health products, the result is that some people do increase sexual function in a short time, but because of excessive sexual life, sexual ability very early decline; And others are different, they not only did not get the ideal sex enhancement effect, but because the medicine is not the right body, caused all kinds of lesions of the body, will eventually lead to the premature senescence of sexual function, appear impotence.

Therefore, as long as there is normal sexual function of the people, please try not to help what aphrodisiac drugs to improve themselves.

Ways to boost libido:

1. Deep sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors in improving libido. Lack of sleep can easily lead to systemic dysfunction, and then affect sexual function. In terms of sleep time, it is recommended to ensure 7 to 8 hours every night. In terms of sleep quality, you should ensure that you have a deep sleep and can’t be interrupted.

2. Couples massage. Husband and wife massage has two big benefits: first, massage is the process of intimate interaction between husband and wife, kneading and other movements help arouse sexual desire. Second, couples massage helps to relax the whole body pressure and tension, especially after a busy day at work. Having massage oil on hand, lighting candles and playing soft music can all help to create romance and increase sexual interest.

3. Eat the right food. A healthy diet can help prevent weight gain, keep fit and boost confidence. It’s important to eat a lot of AIDS like bananas, oysters, and avocados. In addition, fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, purple grapes and kale are rich in powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins, which help improve male reproductive health.

4. Be active. Exercise can promote blood flow throughout the body and increase the amount of blood in the sexual organs. Exercise can also help improve physical appearance, self-esteem and confidence.

5. Practice relaxation. Meditation, listening to music, reading and so on are good ways to reduce stress and relax.

Too much stress tends to cause the body to produce too much of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn lowers androgen levels. Practicing relaxing activities for 15 minutes a day can help improve sexual drive and restore sexual function.

6. Use aromatherapy. Aromatherapy IS TO USE THE ESSENTIAL OIL EXTRACTED FROM AROMATIC PLANTS, THROUGH MASSAGE, bath, AROMAtherapy AND other means, through the respiratory tract OR skin absorption into the body, in order to achieve relieve mental pressure and promote physical health OF a natural therapy, to promote sexual desire has a very good effect.

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