There’s sex education for adolescence


Every parent who has a daughter at home feels particularly worried, afraid that her daughter will be hurt. Today’s society is very complex, there are many risk factors around girls, and the news often shows cases of girls being assaulted. Sex education for girls is a must for every parent. It is the most important thing, not to wait until the child is abused and then regret it.

How do you educate girls about sex?

1. Do your own study first

In today’s general environment, sex education is lacking not only for children, but also for many adults. Before parents give their children sex education, they must first do a more detailed understanding and study, only in this way to teach children is correct. There are so many books and courses on sex education for kids that it’s quick and easy to get information on sex education. Do not give children ambiguous sexual knowledge, so it is better not to say, easy to let the child into the wrong cognition.

2. Know your body

Sex education for girls starts with understanding body structure. They need to know every part and structure of their body, especially the genitals.

For this reason parents can have two directions of sex education, the first direction is to be able to personify the girl’s genitalia, called little sister or a few other code names, for a few children more effective. The second direction is to directly tell the child genital specific nouns, so that the child will have a scientific and specific understanding.

3. Teach your child about sex

The topic of sex is not difficult to talk about, and if you teach children about sex with abhorrence, you will give them the wrong idea. To take a scientific state of mind to let children understand sex, so that children objectively understand the content of sexual behavior. In ADDITION TO SEXUAL BEHAVIOR, sexual development, sexual health, sexual psychology and so on are the content that parents need to convey to their children.

4. Do moral education well

In addition to teaching children about sex, they should also do a good job of moral education about sex, especially how to protect themselves in sexual intercourse. For example, if a boy you don’t like makes a move on you, be brave enough to say no and ask your parents for help. Don’t keep it in your heart and take the hurt silently. For example, don’t play with other people’s feelings, don’t let others as a backup, treat the relationship to be aboveboard and so on.

5. Help children solve problems

In the process of sex education, children sometimes have a lot of problems. If you can solve them by yourself, you should solve them in time. If you can’t solve them by yourself, you can go to the Internet or other channels with your children to explore the answers.

Never leave a question unanswered, because you never know when the answer to that question will make a difference.

When it comes to sex education, moms are always involved. It is equally important to set up correct values for children and to teach children correct sex knowledge. I hope parents don’t feel ashamed of this. Sex education is very necessary to protect children.


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