How many times a night is best for a couple?


Both sexes in the process of interaction of neutral life is essential, especially the husband and wife, but in life there are many when a couple having sex doesn’t pursue the quality of sexual life, interested in number instead, especially men for the special care, and even some pride, will often hear many men will night seven times as the goal, but don’t know whether men and women sex night cannot too much, Can harm the body.

How many times a night is appropriate for a couple?

Relatively speaking, the number of sex is not important, the most main is sexual life quality, a high quality of sex life more than frequently for the quality of the number of times a night, and frequent sex can let a female is not truly enjoy, instead of some to camouflage in order to meet the desire of men only, so according to the number of sex and sexual life quality of physical condition to decide, If you have to do it more than three times a night, be careful.

What harm can sexual life overdo bring to the body?

1. Physical overdraft

Frequent sex will make each other overdraw physical strength, in the second day instead of feeling full of spirit, will feel the legs and feet sour and weak, depressed spirit and even lead to the impact of life and work, it takes a lot of time to ease.

2. Psychological fatigue

From the Angle of physiology, the male seminal fluid and female orgasm every time every time is can stimulate the brain, short time lead to the serious brain stimulation, make the body numbness and habitual orgasm or fine, along with the time extension of the central nervous numbness can lead to psychological produce unpleasant feeling, instead will repellency, life also can have psychological problem such as fatigue or even affects memory.

3, affect sexual function

Multiple sexual life in a short time will lead to sexual organs have been in a state of congestion, and the body will secrete a large number of hormones to the sexual organs, bring great burden, this is not only not good for the sexual organs, but will cause damage to bring diseases, such as prostatitis, vaginitis and other diseases.

4, easy to cause accidents

Sexual life is equivalent to a movement, the energy of the body in the process of sexual life can be consumed in large quantities, heartbeat can also be accelerated, and frequent sexual life is still carried out below the condition of physical strength overdraft, can make blood flow accelerated only, cerebral ischemia and anoxia, to heart disease or the person suffering from other cardiovascular diseases will tell, easy to cause accident.

Generally speaking, appropriate sex to please each other, let each other in 2 days good mental state, but if sex too frequently, especially in a short period of time will not only hurt, is also tired of sexual life, for each other finally affect sexual desire, lead to decreased sexual function, or a sexual dysfunction during sex.

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