Do Women Need to be cautious about sexual desire?


Male hypersexuality is not uncommon, female hypersexuality is not. Some women may be met because sexual desire is not satisfied and suspect that her husband had an affair, or in the daily life of mental trance, sexual desire also cannot be self-control, this kind of excitement may appear too frequent, too fast, too play, this is very likely to be caused by the disease.


Is it true that women at forty are like tigers? It’s actually a symptom of women going through menopause. Menopause is the female ovarian estrogen secretion is too little, pituitary gonadotropin in response to excessive secretion, so there may be rebound phenomenon, resulting in hyperlibido. In addition, the menopause of the female mood easily irritable restlessness, the performance is suspected that the spouse has outside heart, sometimes even suspect her husband and a third party to murder themselves. This mental disorder can cause a decrease in the ability to suppress sexual arousal, and 60 percent of both men and women may become sexually aroused.


This DISEASE will cause loss of libido, but in the early may appear sexual excitement inhibition ability to decline and appear hyperlibido, these patients often suffer from lewd words, pester the opposite sex non-stop behavior.


Encephalopathy especially affects the brain or hypothalamus part of the central part of the disease, such as pituitary and gonadal lesions, can lead to sexual hormone release hormone excess, cause the increase in gonadal hormone, or because of pituitary lesions, anterior lobe gonadotropin secretion excess, cause increased sexual hormone secretion can appear hypersexuality. This abnormal electrical discharge in the brain can lead to abnormal libido.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

The patient has a marked sexual drive. This disease still is accompanied by menstruation is not adjustable, the body IS too fat, the whole body hair changes much, HAVE acne or seborrheic dermatitis and other phenomena. It turns out that these patients are anovulation and therefore can become infertile and you can see multiple follicles on the ovaries with ultrasound. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the greatest risk of infertility and also increases the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, carcinogenesis, and metabolic disorders such as diabetes, abnormal lipid metabolism, and cardiovascular disease.

Disease of thyroid gland

Hyperlibido may occur in the early stages of hyperthyroidism. Clinical hypermetabolism, neurocardiovascular system and other hyperexcitability, usually 10%-20% of patients have hyperlibido performance, especially mild hyperthyroidism patients.


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