Why is the divorce rate increasing now?


At present, divorce is not a rare thing, now the divorce rate is getting higher and higher, although divorce is not all people want to choose, but finally to the breakdown of marriage, a lot of people want to know, in the end what is the cause of the current divorce rate is higher and higher phenomenon.

So, what are the reasons for the rising divorce rate?

First, the failure of one party to perform its obligations leads to divorce

Since both men and women together to form a family, then both sides should have responsibilities and obligations to the family. When one partner is not willing to fulfill the obligations of marriage, such as raising children, working or supporting the family, and taking care of a sick spouse, so as to avoid their own responsibilities, in the long run, resulting in irreconcilable conflicts, thus leading to the breakdown of the marriage.

Second, husband and wife three views

The so-called three views of disagreement, refers to the hobby between husband and wife and personality is far away, such as a person’s personality is more extroverted, the other is very introverted, in a lot of things can not communicate. In addition, there are great differences in values. Two people have different views on things, and sometimes they are quite opposite. It is very difficult to change people’s views, and it is difficult to reconcile when two people have different values. There are also some couples because they can’t adapt to each other’s living habits, there are great differences in living habits, some special living habits of the other party can not be accepted, and it is easy to lead to the breakdown of marriage.

Third, when the sex life is not harmonious

Unsatisfactory sex is one of the main reasons why many marriages, it can be said to be the cornerstone of marriage and the harmonious sex life promote the affection between husband and wife, when sexual life not harmonious, so the affection between husband and wife is very easy to appear crack, may also lead to cheating, unsatisfactory sex is the most easy to cause the marriage.

Fourth, material-based marriage

If there is no good emotional foundation before marriage, but because of some other reasons, so as to form a marriage, such as money or material. When a marriage is not based on the premise of love, suddenly one day, the material basis disappears, then the conditions to maintain the marriage will not exist, so that such a material marriage will go to the end.

To sum up, we know what causes the divorce rate to be higher and higher.

Soon now the era of development, the formation of a marriage is also very fast, when two lovers walk down the aisle in a hurry, in the absence of without a full understanding of each other, when in marriage life, know life together there are all kinds of disharmony, when a contradiction is more and more long, can eventually lead to breakdown of marriage.

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